Rigid Light Pipes

RLP1, RLP3, RKP3, RLP4 series rigid light pipes from Bivar

Image of Bivar's Rigid Light PipesBivar's rigid light pipes are ideal for applications where an automatically placed LED requires its output directed to a front panel. Light pipes are engineered of 94V-0 compliant clear polycarbonate for maximum light transmission and viewing angle to 120°. Light pipes will also protect circuits from accidental damage from ESD by isolating the PCB from potential contact.

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorConfigurationTypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RLP1-200-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid1748 - Immediate
RLP1-400-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid2385 - Immediate
RLP1-400-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid2151 - Immediate
RLP1-200-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid401 - Immediate
RLP1-400-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid105 - Immediate
RLP1-600-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid772 - Immediate
RLP1-600-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid324 - Immediate
RLP1-600-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid292 - Immediate
RLP1-200-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClearSingleRigid0
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorConfigurationTypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RLP2-200-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid134 - Immediate
RLP2-400-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid539 - Immediate
RLP2-600-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid230 - Immediate
RLP2-200-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid117 - Immediate
RLP2-400-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid113 - Immediate
RLP2-200-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid51 - Immediate
RLP2-600-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid0
RLP2-600-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid0
RLP2-400-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear2 WideRigid0
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorConfigurationTypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RLP3-200-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid1137 - Immediate
RLP3-400-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid6041 - Immediate
RLP3-400-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid769 - Immediate
RLP3-200-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid41 - Immediate
RLP3-600-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid99 - Immediate
RLP3-200-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid61 - Immediate
RLP3-600-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid75 - Immediate
RLP3-400-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid14 - Immediate
RLP3-600-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear3 WideRigid22 - Immediate
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorConfigurationTypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RLP4-200-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid565 - Immediate
RLP4-400-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid200 - Immediate
RLP4-400-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid131 - Immediate
RLP4-400-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid41 - Immediate
RLP4-600-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid247 - Immediate
RLP4-600-500RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid92 - Immediate
RLP4-200-650RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid37 - Immediate
RLP4-600-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid23 - Immediate
RLP4-200-800RIGHT ANGLE LIGHT PIPE, 2.8MMClear4 WideRigid0
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Published: 2013-06-20