PM5-M124 Series

Bivar offers smart sensor, metal panel-mount indicators for ruggedized applications

Image of Bivar's PM5-M124 SeriesBivar offers the PM5-M124 series of IP67-rated, metal panel mount indicators with smart sensing technology. This unique technology automatically senses and adjusts for appropriate light output and intensity in ambient lighting conditions to make the LED auto-dim in low-light conditions and sunlight readable in bright lighting. The solid color indication includes green, blue, red, and yellow. The series is ideal for ruggedized applications and enclosures including servers, test and measurement equipment, military, defense and utility vehicles, power controllers, commercial and communication control boxes, wireless and power line infrastructure, and water and waste treatment equipment.


  • IP67 rated and RoHS compliant
  • Smart sensor technology automatically senses and adjusts for appropriate intensity. Panel-mount indicators are sunlight readable in bright lighting and auto dim in dark lighting.
  • Wide viewing angle capabilities with a water clear Fresnel lens (7 mm)
  • Solid color indication in green, blue, red, and yellow
  • Black metal housing for ruggedized applications (shock and vibration resistant)
  • Fast and easy installation with a panel thickness ranging from 0.040" - 0.250" and a standard mounting hole size of 0.315"
  • Features non-polarized quick disconnect terminal blades which also work as soldering lugs for wire connection
  • Wide input range (12-24 V) suitable for both AC and DC operation


  • Servers and server appliances
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Electrical and control instrument panels
  • Military and utility vehicle dashboards
  • Commercial and communication control boxes
  • Wireless and power line infrastructure
  • Water and waste treatment equipment


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeLamp ColorLens ColorAvailable Quantity
PM5-M124-RED datasheet linkPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM REDPM5-M124-REDPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM REDLEDRedColorless119 - Immediate
PM5-M124-RED product page link
PM5-M124-GRN datasheet linkPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM GREENPM5-M124-GRNPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM GREENLEDGreenColorless51 - Immediate
PM5-M124-GRN product page link
PM5-M124-YLW datasheet linkPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM YELLOWPM5-M124-YLWPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM YELLOWLEDYellowColorless75 - Immediate
PM5-M124-YLW product page link
PM5-M124-BLU datasheet linkPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM BLUEPM5-M124-BLUPANEL MNT ASSY IP67 7MM BLUELEDBlueColorless74 - Immediate
PM5-M124-BLU product page link
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Published: 2014-05-21