Avago Industrial Networking

Fiber Optic Receiver, Transmitter, and Evaluation Kit

Image of Avago Technologies' Avago Industrial NetworkingThe AFBR-1624Z transmitter from Avago Technologies utilizes a 650 nm LED source with integrated optics and driver IC for efficient coupling into 1 mm Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). The AFBR-2624Z receiver consists of an IC with an integrated photodiode to produce a logic compatible output.

The transmitter input is compatible with TTL logic families. The transmitter operates any type of signal, from DC up to 50 MBd, at distances up to 50 meters with 1 mm POF. The receiver outputs are compatible with TTL logic families, operating with similar specifications to the transmitter for any type of signal.

The 3-pin transmitter and 4-pin receiver are packed in Versatile Link housings. Versatile Link components can be interlocked (N-plexed together) to minimize space and to provide dual connections with the duplex connectors. Various simplex and duplex connectors, as well as POF cables, are available for Versatile Link components.

Avago Industrial Networking

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWavelengthData RateAvailable Quantity
TXRX OPT 650NM 1MM POFAFBR-1624ZTXRX OPT 650NM 1MM POF650nm50MBd800 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-06-18