SAM3S Series MCUs

The SAM3S series from Atmel simplifies system design and reduces power consumption

Image of Atmel's SAM3S Series Microcontroller UnitsThe Atmel SAM3S Cortex™ M3 Flash MCU integrates features to simplify system design and reduce power consumption down to 2.3 mW at 1 MHz, 1.45 mW/MHz at 64 MHz operation and 1.6 uA in backup mode with the RTC running. Inspired by the best-selling SAM7S series, the SAM3S is the ideal migration path to a more powerful and feature-rich MCU. A renewed peripheral set provides system control, sensor interfaces, an optional external parallel bus interface, connectivity, and user interface support.


Simplified System Design and Low System Cost
  • Integrated serial resistors eliminate the need for external resistors to preserve signal integrity, resulting in reduced BOM cost, real estate savings, and simplified system design.
Atmel QTouch Capacitive Touch Support
  • The SAM3S series is touch-ready, offering native support for Atmel QTouch® technology for easy implementation of buttons, sliders, and wheels in your application.
Parallel Capture Mode
  • The SAM3S is the first ARM® MCU with parallel data capture mode on PIOs and DMA support. The parallel data capture mode on the PIOs complements the external bus interface for data collection from external devices that are not compliant with standard memory read protocols, such as low-cost image sensors.
Safety and Security
  • Memory protection unit improves code protection and secures multi-application/task execution. Unique 128-bit ID and scrambled external bus interface ensure software confidentiality while the hardware CRC checks memory integrity.
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Published: 2012-06-29