ATA6844-DK BLDC Motor Control Kit

Atmel's ATA6844-DK provides BLDC motor control in an automotive environment

Image of Atmel's ATA6844-DK BLDC Motor Control KitAtmel's ATA6844-DK demonstrates the features of the ATA6843/44 system basis chip BLDC gate driver. The motor position feedback operates with Back-Electromotive-Force (Back-EMF) and the motor control microcontroller is ATmega32M1. For monitoring and evaluating purposes, it uses a USB interface on board.

The main difference between the Atmel ATA6843 and Atmel ATA6844 is their respective temperature range. The maximum junction temperature of 200°C allows “under-the-hood” design solutions with the Atmel ATA6844, while the maximum junction temperature for the Atmel ATA6843 is 150°C. If not otherwise stated, all references to the Atmel ATA6844 apply equally to both devices.

BLDC Motor Control Kit Includes

  • 1 BLDC motor application board Atmel® ATA6844-DK
  • 1 Atmel controller board ATA6844-DK3 with Atmel BLDC microcontroller ATmega32M1 and Atmel USB microcontroller ATmega32U2
  • 1 brushless DC motor ref: FL42BLS01-001 (3 phases, 8 poles, 12 VDC)
  • “Getting Started” application note
ATA6844-DK BLDC Motor Control Kit
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Published: 2014-02-14