Power Cords

Assmann provides a wide range of power cables

Image of ASSMANN WSW Components' Power CordsAssmann provides a wide range of power cables. These cables are manufactured to ISO standards and are UL/CSA tested. They are offered with an assortment of connectors options, including female, male, straight, right angle, shielded, and non-shielded. Additionally, either the cords are manufactured with end-to-end connectors, or they are open ended on one side for easy installation. Assmann power cables offer a worldwide range of approvals in a variety of options that are suitable for all types of applications.

Power Cords
Manufacturer Part NumberDescription1st Connector2nd ConnectorAvailable QuantityBuy Now
AK500-OE-11-.5CORD SVT 18AWG 3COND .5M BLKIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C132365 - Immediate
AK500/U-2PWR CORD IEC STRAIGHT-PWR PLUGNEMA 5-15PIEC 320-C139280 - Immediate
AK500/U-1PWR CORD IEC ANGLED-PWR PLUGNEMA 5-15PIEC 320-C13, Right Angle1363 - Immediate
AK500-OE-11-1.5CORD SVT 18AWG 3COND 1.5M BLKIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C131039 - Immediate
AK500/U-4PWR CORD EXTENSION CABLE IEC-IECIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C131119 - Immediate
AK500/U-3-RPWR CORD PLUG-FIG 8 DEVICE CONNNEMA 1-15PIEC 320-C7514 - Immediate
AK500-OE-11-1CORD SVT 18AWG 3COND 1M BLKIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C13257 - Immediate
AK500-JC-6-1CORD SJT 18AWG 3COND 1M BLACKIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C131396 - Immediate
AK500-JC-5-1CORD SJT 18AWG 3COND SHLD 1MIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C13502 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-09-24