Digitus® Products

Digitus® products are designed utilizing current technology, with user-friendliness, and reliability as the top priorities

Image of ASSMANN WSW Components' Digitus® ProductsDigitus® is a brand name of ASSMANN WSW Components that was introduced in 1994. It encompasses a large span of products such as computer accessories, USB hubs, KVM switches, card readers, cables, and adapters. Digitus® has been providing these reliable products internationally since their inception.

Digitus® products are designed utilizing current technology, with user-friendliness, and reliability as the top priorities. All production facilities are subjected to regular quality control and are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Digitus® offers excellent quality and competitively priced products that make working on your computer or network a more enjoyable experience.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DA-70216 datasheet linkUSB HUB 2.0 4-PORT MINI-HUBDA-70216USB HUB 2.0 4-PORT MINI-HUB696 - Immediate
DA-70216 product page link

Card Readers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DA-70310-2 datasheet linkCARD READER USB 2.0DA-70310-2CARD READER USB 2.0416 - Immediate
DA-70310-2 product page link

Adapters/KVM Switches/Cables/Miscellaneous

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DA-70156 datasheet linkADAPTER USB 2.0 TO SERIAL M/DB-9DA-70156ADAPTER USB 2.0 TO SERIAL M/DB-9248 - Immediate
DA-70156 product page link
DA-70118 datasheet linkADAPTER USB 1.1 TO PS/2(2)DA-70118ADAPTER USB 1.1 TO PS/2(2)414 - Immediate
DA-70118 product page link
DA-70351 datasheet linkMICROSCOPE DIGITAL 10X-230X W/LTDA-70351MICROSCOPE DIGITAL 10X-230X W/LT79 - Immediate
DA-70351 product page link
31002 datasheet linkIPOD IPAD IPHONE SYNC CABLE 1M31002IPOD IPAD IPHONE SYNC CABLE 1M60 - Immediate
31002 product page link
DC-12202-1 datasheet linkCOMBO KVM SWITCH 1USER 4PCSDC-12202-1COMBO KVM SWITCH 1USER 4PCS10 - Immediate
DC-12202-1 product page link
AK82002-R datasheet linkKVM CABLE FOR DC-12202-1 3METERAK82002-RKVM CABLE FOR DC-12202-1 3METER28 - Immediate
AK82002-R product page link
DN-3021-1 datasheet linkBLUETOOTH V2.1 USB ADAPTERDN-3021-1BLUETOOTH V2.1 USB ADAPTER28 - Immediate
DN-3021-1 product page link
DA-10091 product page link
DA-70119-R datasheet linkADAPTER USB-SERIAL DB9/25 MALEDA-70119-RADAPTER USB-SERIAL DB9/25 MALE0DA-70119-R product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29