Configurable Power SuppliesiMP/iVS/µMP/MP Series

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity, and efficiency of critical infrastructure, offers a broad range of standard and configurable power supply solutions. In an effort to offer further flexibility and control, Artesyn has introduced an innovative line of configurable power supplies that enable design engineers the luxury of tailoring the power supply to their implementation, rather than settling for whatever is available.

The iMP, iVS, and µMP lines of configurable power supplies offer a myriad of choices regarding wattage, case size, and number of slots. Wattages range from 400 W up to as high as 4920 W output capability.

MP series of modular ac-dc power supplies enable customers to configure power supplies with up to 1,200 watts output capability.

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The cutting-edge iMP, iVS, and µMP series each have full Medical EN60601 approval and includes features such as intelligent user monitoring and control, smart fan control, and overcurrent protection, all packaged in some of the lowest profile supplies on the market.

Selecting a high efficiency, high temp, configurable power supply from Artesyn Embedded Technologies will take the hassle out of selecting a power supply and thereby cut costs by reducing time to market.

iMP Series Product Page iMP Series Datasheet

iMP Series

Artesyn Embedded Technologies’s iMP series of configurable power supplies offers with a convenient range of PFC Front Ends and boasts a wide selection of DC/DC output modules, making the configurations of this flexible power solution seemingly endless.

The iMP series is fully intelligent and configurable into millions of output configurations. These supplies offer full Medical EN60601 approval with a military/industrial suite of specifications for maximum application diversity. Artesyn Embedded Technologies continues to innovate with these flexible power supplies being first to market with:

  • Intelligent user monitoring and control
  • Downloadable GUI for PMBus control
  • Interoperability with existing MP modules
  • Optional CAN Bus and IEEE interface
  • Special modules for hold-up, high voltage, or-ing, and other special applications

These supplies offer the highest power density in a configurable platform available on the market today.

Additional features of the iMP Series of configurable power supply include:

  • Smart fan control
  • External Sync
  • Thermal protection
  • No minimum load restrictions
  • 5 V Standby
  • Overcurrent protection

Example iMP Series Part Numbers:

  • iMP1-3E0-2D0-1L0-4LL0-00-A
  • iMP4-2O0-1E0-1Q0-4NN0-00-A
  • iMP4-2W-1L-1Q-1Q-00-A
  • iMP8-3H0-3H0-30-A
iMP Series Product Page iMP Series Datasheet

iVS Series

The iVS Series of configurable power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Technologies comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These flexible power supplies can be configured with up to 4920 W output capability and to monitor and control many attributes of the power supply via I2C.

The series offers seven types of modules, including single, dual and triple output units, with individual power outputs of up to 1500 W. The iVS series offers 25 standard output voltages, from 2 VDC to 60 VDC, and can provide up to 24 outputs.

All iVS power supplies adhere to EN60601 standards, enabling use in medical, military, and industrial applications.

Additional features include:

  • Intelligent I2C control
  • Voltage adjustment on all outputs
  • Intelligent fan speed control
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Programmable voltage and current limits

Example iMP Series Part Numbers:

  • iVS1-5Q0-00-A
  • iVS1-5R0-00-A
  • iVS1-5W0-00-A
  • iVS6-5R0-00-A
  • iVS8-5R0-5R0-41-A
µMP Series Product Page µMP Series Datasheet

µMP Series

The low-profile, high temperature µMP Series of configurable power supplies offers the latest in power supply features, including intelligent fan control, uP-controlled PRC input, high power density and current limit modification.

These high efficiency power supplies meet both EN60950 ITE and EN60601 medical standards, adding further flexibility to the number of different applications for which these supplies would be suitable.

The µMP Power Supplies can be configured with up to twelve outputs, and can produce up to 1200 W of power from a DC source. Output voltages range from 0.9 VDC to 60 VDC.

Additional features include:

  • Powerful user interface facilitating access to all critical functions
  • Block Diagram selection of control panels
  • Read and Edit device configuration commands
  • EMI and PFC Optimization
  • DC to DC Configuration
  • 0.4% line/load combined regulation
  • Downloadable GUI from ENP website for PMBus Control
MP Series Product Page MP Series Datasheet

MP Series

Trusted reliability comes standard with Artesyn Embedded Technologies's MP Series of configurable power supplies. These modular AC/DC power supplies enable customers to configure power supplies with up to 1,200 W of output capability. The series offers 5 types of modules, including single, dual, and triple output units, with individual power outputs of up to 600 W. 25 output voltages, ranging from 2 Vdc to 60 Vdc, come standard and each package can provide up to 21 outputs.

Features of the MP Series include:

  • Standard modification flexibility
  • Overload protection and voltage adjustment on all outputs
  • Forced air cooling, field replaceable fan
  • Current share on all outputs with ratings above 10 A
  • Power factor correction
  • 2 year warranty

Example MP Series Part Numbers:

  • MP1-2E-1L-1L-1N-HUP-00
  • MP1-2E-1L-1L-1Q-1Q-HUP-00
  • MP4-1E-1L-1S-4LF-00
  • MP4-1E-1L-LNN-OM
  • MP4-1E-1N-1N-1Q-LLL-00
  • MP4-1E-4NL-4NQ-00
  • MP4-1Q-4LQ-00
  • MP4-1W-00
  • MP4-2E-1L-1N-1N-00
  • MP6-1D-1F-1F-1W-4NN-OM
  • MP6-2E-1N-1N-00
  • MP6-3L-00
  • MP6-3L-0M
  • MP6-3Q-00
  • MP6-3U-0P