HEXSEAL® Toggle Switch Sealing Boots

APM Hexseal presents silicone rubber sealing boots for toggle switches

Image of APM Hexseal's HEXSEAL® Toggle Switch Sealing BootsAPM's HEXSEAL® toggle switch boots are molded from a high tear-strength silicone rubber (other materials available for specific environments) and bonded to a built-in mounting nut. Each encloses the base of the protruding switch bushing and forms a watertight and dust-tight seal against the front panel surface. Designed to address harsh environmental conditions that can seriously reduce switch life and performance, HEXSEALS meet MIL-DTL-5423 specifications and are UL recognized components. These high-performance silicone rubber boots will operate in excess of 100,000 actuations in temperatures of -94°F to +400°F (-70°C to +204°C). They are IP66/68 rated, with many models to choose from including full toggle, half- toggle, armored and seals that will also suppress emi/rfi spurious signals. With a one-piece design, all types feature a molded- in hex mounting-nut, simplifying installation. They are used extensively in marine, medical, military, aviation, automation, instrumentation and construction equipment — including process and varied industrial plant applications. Made in the USA.

Toggle Switch Sealing Boots

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
C1131/28 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACKC1131/28TOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACK2543 - Immediate
C1131/28 product page link
C1132/20 datasheet linkTOGGLE HALF BOOT BLACKC1132/20TOGGLE HALF BOOT BLACK1952 - Immediate
C1132/20 product page link
N1030 1 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAYN1030 1TOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY4815 - Immediate
N1030 1 product page link
N5030S 1 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAYN5030S 1TOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY3657 - Immediate
N5030S 1 product page link
N5032B 1 datasheet linkTOGGLE HALF BOOT GRAYN5032B 1TOGGLE HALF BOOT GRAY1387 - Immediate
N5032B 1 product page link
50154 25 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY50154 25TOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY1555 - Immediate
50154 25 product page link
N1030 12 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACKN1030 12TOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACK827 - Immediate
N1030 12 product page link
N1030B datasheet linkTOGGLE HALF BOOT GRAYN1030BTOGGLE HALF BOOT GRAY402 - Immediate
N1030B product page link
N5030L 1 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAYN5030L 1TOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY179 - Immediate
N5030L 1 product page link
1131/26 2501 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY1131/26 2501TOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY639 - Immediate
1131/26 2501 product page link
N5030 1 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAYN5030 1TOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY163 - Immediate
N5030 1 product page link
IQ1030 2202 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACKIQ1030 2202TOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACK483 - Immediate
IQ1030 2202 product page link
N1030B 160 ID BLACK datasheet linkTOGGLE HALF BOOT BLACKN1030B 160 ID BLACKTOGGLE HALF BOOT BLACK17637 - Immediate
N1030B 160 ID BLACK product page link
N1030B 160 ID datasheet linkTOGGLE HALF BOOT GRAYN1030B 160 IDTOGGLE HALF BOOT GRAY992 - Immediate
N1030B 160 ID product page link
N5030L 17 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACKN5030L 17TOGGLE FULL BOOT BLACK0N5030L 17 product page link
N-5030R datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAYN-5030RTOGGLE FULL BOOT GRAY0N-5030R product page link
N5030L 53 datasheet linkTOGGLE FULL BOOT REDN5030L 53TOGGLE FULL BOOT RED0N5030L 53 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29