Hexseal SEELOC® Washer

APM Hexseal's SEELOC® washer is an air- and water-tight self-sealing washer

Image of APM Hexseal's HEXSEAL SEELOC® WasherAPM's high-pressure HEXSEAL SEELOC washer is a real problem solver for many applications when a standard round washer does not provide the sufficient environmental sealing required in many electrical and electronics applications. Fabricated in contoured stainless steel with a bonded silicone disc on one side, the SEELOC washer will seal up to 100 psi internal/external. Reusable, it has an IP ingress rating of IP66/68 and is UL Recognized (Type NEMA 4X6 enclosures).

SEELOC® Washers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeThread/Screw/Hole SizeAvailable Quantity
75801 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING #8 STN STEEL75801WASHER SEALING #8 STN STEELActiveSealing#82821 - Immediate
75801 product page link
75601 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING #6 STN STEEL75601WASHER SEALING #6 STN STEELActiveSealing#62067 - Immediate
75601 product page link
75101 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING #10 STN STEEL75101WASHER SEALING #10 STN STEELActiveSealing#10355 - Immediate
75101 product page link
75041 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M4 STN STEEL75041WASHER SEALING M4 STN STEELActiveSealingM4873 - Immediate
75041 product page link
75051 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M5 STN STEEL75051WASHER SEALING M5 STN STEELActiveSealingM5543 - Immediate
75051 product page link
75082 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING 1/4 STN STEEL75082WASHER SEALING 1/4 STN STEELActiveSealing1/4"662 - Immediate
75082 product page link
75122 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING 3/8 STN STEEL75122WASHER SEALING 3/8 STN STEELActiveSealing3/8"475 - Immediate
75122 product page link
75031 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M3 STN STEEL75031WASHER SEALING M3 STN STEELActiveSealingM3290 - Immediate
75031 product page link
75102 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING #10 STN STEEL75102WASHER SEALING #10 STN STEELActiveSealing#10962 - Immediate
75102 product page link
75802 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING #8 STN STEEL75802WASHER SEALING #8 STN STEELActiveSealing#8655 - Immediate
75802 product page link
75142 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING 7/16 STN STEEL75142WASHER SEALING 7/16 STN STEELActiveSealing7/16"529 - Immediate
75142 product page link
75162 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING 1/2 STN STEEL75162WASHER SEALING 1/2 STN STEELActiveSealing1/2"191 - Immediate
75162 product page link
75107 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING 5/16 STN STEEL75107WASHER SEALING 5/16 STN STEELActiveSealing5/16"146 - Immediate
75107 product page link
75062 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M6 STN STEEL75062WASHER SEALING M6 STN STEELActiveSealingM63144 - Immediate
75062 product page link
75602 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING #6 STN STEEL75602WASHER SEALING #6 STN STEELActiveSealing#6172 - Immediate
75602 product page link
75052 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M5 STN STEEL75052WASHER SEALING M5 STN STEELActiveSealingM5250 - Immediate
75052 product page link
75032 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M3 STN STEEL75032WASHER SEALING M3 STN STEELActiveSealingM3232 - Immediate
75032 product page link
75042 datasheet linkWASHER SEALING M4 STN STEEL75042WASHER SEALING M4 STN STEELActiveSealingM4206 - Immediate
75042 product page link
Published: 2012-11-13