HEXSEAL® Rotary Shaft Seals

APM Hexseal presents rotary shaft seals for potentiometers

Image of APM Hexseal's HEXSEAL® Rotary Shaft SealsAPM's HEXSEAL rotary shaft seals for potentiometers are designed to meet the same specifications (MIL-DTL-5423) as APM's toggle and pushbutton sealing boots for addressing harsh environmental conditions. Models matching most popular rotary switches and potentiometers with standard/metric bushing threads are available. All feature a molded in mounting-nut for simple installation. Choice of IP66/68 rated models that also include boots for locking rotary shaft styles, and sealing boot versions that will also suppress emi/rfi spurious signals, are also available. All are UL Recognized components and used extensively in marine, medical, military, aviation, automation, instrumentation and construction equipment, including process and varied industrial plant applications. Made in the USA.

HEXSEAL and E-SEEL® rotary shaft seals are molded from a high tear-strength silicone rubber (other materials available for specific environments) and bonded to a built-in mounting nut. Each seal surrounds the rotary shaft and forms a watertight and dust-tight seal against the shaft and front panel surface.

Rotary Shaft Seals

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorSize / DimensionAvailable Quantity
N9030X1/4 2 datasheet linkROTARY SHAFT SEAL GRAYN9030X1/4 2ROTARY SHAFT SEAL GRAYGray0.219" (5.56mm) Height4178 - Immediate
N9030X1/4 2 product page link
N9040X1/8 2 datasheet linkROTARY SHAFT SEAL GRAYN9040X1/8 2ROTARY SHAFT SEAL GRAYGray0.219" (5.56mm) Height416 - Immediate
N9040X1/8 2 product page link
N9042X1/8 2 datasheet linkROTARY SHAFT SEAL GRAYN9042X1/8 2ROTARY SHAFT SEAL GRAYGray0.219" (5.56mm) Height265 - Immediate
N9042X1/8 2 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29