HEXSEAL® Rocker Switch Boots

APM Hexseal presents rocker switch boots made from RUBRGLAS™

Image of APM Hexseal's HEXSEAL® Rocker Switch BootsAPM's E-SEEL® (Rock-R-Seel™) rocker switch boots are molded from RUBRGLAS, APM's proprietary high tear-strength, transparent silicone rubber. These durable and flexible boots seal out dust, dirt, and moisture without compromising switch operability, position status viewing, or legend visibility. Each is designed to fully enclose the switch bezel, while the unique molded-in "panel sealing rib" forms a watertight and dust-tight seal against the front panel surface.

These transparent silicone HEXSEAL rocker sealing boots are designed to meet many of the same specifications (MIL-DTL-5423) as other APM sealing boots. They are also UL Recognized Components, with a life expectancy of 50,000 actuations, and IP54 rated, with an operating temperature rating of -80°F to +400°F (-62°C to +204°C). Their design features a continuous sealing rib at its base to fully enclose the switch bezel. Models also match most popular rocker switch devices and are used extensively in marine, medical, military, aviation, automation, instrumentation, and construction equipment, including process and varied industrial plant applications. Made in the USA.

Rocker Switch Boots

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSize / DimensionTypeAvailable Quantity
1113/70 datasheet linkBOOT ROCKER CLEAR1113/70BOOT ROCKER CLEAR30.96mm x 16.27mmTransparent Rocker Sealing Boots445 - Immediate
1113/70 product page link
1113/66 datasheet linkBOOT ROCKER MINI CLEAR1113/66BOOT ROCKER MINI CLEAR19.05mm x 13.49mmTransparent Rocker Sealing Boots229 - Immediate
1113/66 product page link
1113/63 datasheet linkBOOT ROCKER SWITCH CLEAR 1POLE1113/63BOOT ROCKER SWITCH CLEAR 1POLE27.78mm x 13.10mmTransparent Rocker Sealing Boots114 - Immediate
1113/63 product page link
1113/62 datasheet linkBOOT ROCKER SWITCH CLEAR 2POLE1113/62BOOT ROCKER SWITCH CLEAR 2POLE27.78mm x 24.61mmTransparent Rocker Sealing Boots202 - Immediate
1113/62 product page link
1113/71 datasheet linkBOOT ROCKER CIRCUIT BREAKER CLR1113/71BOOT ROCKER CIRCUIT BREAKER CLRBootCircuit Breaker105 - Immediate
1113/71 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29