Professional Joysticks for Industrial Applications

APEM offers a wide range of professional joysticks for different technologies: switch, proportional and contactless joysticks

Image of APEM's Professional Joysticks for Industrial ApplicationsTo complement its range of panel-mount products, APEM introduces a range of professional joysticks for industrial applications. APEM joysticks are easy to use, reliable, and designed for extremely long service lives. Four series are offered based on different technologies: switch joysticks, proportional joysticks, and contactless joysticks.

The 1000 series are robust joysticks based on standard microswitches, which can switch 6 A, 10 A, and up to 16 A. They are designed for screw or bush mounting and are offered as a low cost solution for non-proportional control.

4000 series joysticks employ high quality potentiometers. They have an all-metal mechanism ensuring maximum robustness and a life of over 5 million cycles. These products are the preferred choice for applications requiring proportional control, long life performance, and absolute immunity to RFI/EMI.

The 5000 series is also a family of proportional joysticks. Shallower than the 4000 series and cost optimized, they are intended for lighter duty applications such as CCTV keyboard control.

9000 series joysticks operate using a contactless technology to give highly repeatable proportional signals that do not degrade with use. They feature a life over 10 million cycles. They offer self-centering omni-directional functionality, utilizing APEM’s unique "locking cam" system. These joysticks are the ideal interface for complex and safety critical applications such as materials handling or power chair control.

APEM joysticks are offered with a wide range of options, including an array of possible handles, gaiters and electrical outputs. All these joysticks, except the 1000 series, are available with third axis. They feature IP65 sealing and are RoHS compliant.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeActuator TypeAvailable Quantity
1D15F1500 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK 6A 250V1D15F1500SWITCH JOYSTICK 6A 250VActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick523 - Immediate
56 - Factory Stock
1D15F1500 product page link
1V15F1100 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK 6A 250V1V15F1100SWITCH JOYSTICK 6A 250VActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick106 - Immediate
1V15F1100 product page link
5S251S0F1000 datasheet linkJOYSTICK 5000 POTENTIOMETER5S251S0F1000JOYSTICK 5000 POTENTIOMETERBulkActive238 - Immediate
5S251S0F1000 product page link
9SA50RR6559 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVE9SA50RR6559SWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVEActiveJoystick, 3 - AxisJoystick48 - Immediate
9SA50RR6559 product page link
2V17F1100 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK 16A 250V2V17F1100SWITCH JOYSTICK 16A 250VActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick71 - Immediate
2V17F1100 product page link
4R182S1E5500 datasheet linkJOYSTICK 4000 POTENTIOMETER4R182S1E5500JOYSTICK 4000 POTENTIOMETERBulkActive124 - Immediate
4R182S1E5500 product page link
4R252S1E5500 datasheet linkJOYSTICK 4000 POTENTIOMETER4R252S1E5500JOYSTICK 4000 POTENTIOMETERBulkActive225 - Immediate
4R252S1E5500 product page link
9SA50RE6500 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVE9SA50RE6500SWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVEActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick25 - Immediate
9SA50RE6500 product page link
5T251S0F2100 datasheet linkJOYSTICK 5000 POTENTIOMETER5T251S0F2100JOYSTICK 5000 POTENTIOMETERBulkActive211 - Immediate
5T251S0F2100 product page link
4R252S1N5500 datasheet linkJOYSTICK 4000 POTENTIOMETER4R252S1N5500JOYSTICK 4000 POTENTIOMETERBulkActive212 - Immediate
4R252S1N5500 product page link
9SW40RP6559 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVE9SW40RP6559SWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVEActiveJoystick, 3 - AxisJoystick2 - Immediate
9SW40RP6559 product page link
1D27F1500 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK 6A 250V1D27F1500SWITCH JOYSTICK 6A 250VActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick4 - Immediate
1D27F1500 product page link
919998 datasheet linkJOYSTICK, USB CABLE919998JOYSTICK, USB CABLEActiveUSB CableJoysticks0919998 product page link
9SA50ABL6500 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK BALL INDUCTIVE9SA50ABL6500SWITCH JOYSTICK BALL INDUCTIVEActiveJoystick, 1 - AxisBall Tip09SA50ABL6500 product page link
909999 datasheet linkJOYSTICK, USB INTERFACE MODULE909999JOYSTICK, USB INTERFACE MODULEActiveUSB Interface ModuleJoysticks0909999 product page link
9MA50RQ6295 datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVE9MA50RQ6295SWITCH JOYSTICK INDUCTIVEObsoleteJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick09MA50RQ6295 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29