MJTP and ADTS Series Tactile Switches

APEM offers a wide variety of tactile switches

Image of APEM's MJTP and ADTS Series Tactile SwitchesAPEM's MJTP series are SPST momentary action tactile switches with flush, round, keyed, or square actuators. These 4 mm and 6 mm tactile switches have through-hole mounting and long operating life in SPST configurations with molded-in terminals.

The ADTS series are single pole single throw tactile switches with positive tactile feedback. This series is available in 6 mm square and 12 mm square package styles. These switches are also available in surface mount and through-hole terminal configurations. Round and square switch caps are available in seven different colors.

MJTP Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberActuator Height off PCB, VerticalActuator Length, Right AngleMounting TypeAvailable Quantity
MJTP1230 datasheet linkMJTP1230MJTP12304.30mm-Through Hole118237 - Immediate
33000 - Factory Stock
MJTP1230 product page link
MJTP1106STR datasheet linkMJTP1106STRMJTP1106STR4.30mm-Surface Mount14108 - Immediate
MJTP1106STR product page link
MJTP1138ATR datasheet linkMJTP1138ATRMJTP1138ATR5.00mm-Surface Mount20727 - Immediate
52800 - Factory Stock
MJTP1138ATR product page link
MJTP1138TR datasheet linkMJTP1138TRMJTP1138TR4.30mm-Surface Mount8149 - Immediate
1200 - Factory Stock
MJTP1138TR product page link
MJTP1138BTR datasheet linkMJTP1138BTRMJTP1138BTR9.50mm-Surface Mount50085 - Immediate
175500 - Factory Stock
MJTP1138BTR product page link
MJTP1140ATR datasheet linkMJTP1140ATRMJTP1140ATR1.50mm-Surface Mount28143 - Immediate
10200 - Factory Stock
MJTP1140ATR product page link
MJTP1230A datasheet linkMJTP1230AMJTP1230A5.00mm-Through Hole22321 - Immediate
27000 - Factory Stock
MJTP1230A product page link
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ADTS Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberIllumination Voltage (Nominal)Actuator Length, Right AngleTermination StyleAvailable Quantity
ADTSM62RVTR datasheet linkADTSM62RVTRADTSM62RVTR--Gull Wing23762 - Immediate
ADTSM62RVTR product page link
ADTSM65RVTR datasheet linkADTSM65RVTRADTSM65RVTR--Gull Wing34452 - Immediate
4560 - Factory Stock
ADTSM65RVTR product page link
ADTSMW69NVTR datasheet linkADTSMW69NVTRADTSMW69NVTR--Gull Wing19797 - Immediate
5700 - Factory Stock
ADTSMW69NVTR product page link
ADTSM61NVTR datasheet linkADTSM61NVTRADTSM61NVTR--Gull Wing12474 - Immediate
ADTSM61NVTR product page link
ADTSM61RVTR datasheet linkADTSM61RVTRADTSM61RVTR--Gull Wing6645 - Immediate
4000 - Factory Stock
ADTSM61RVTR product page link
ADTSM63NVTR datasheet linkADTSM63NVTRADTSM63NVTR--Gull Wing3478 - Immediate
65800 - Factory Stock
ADTSM63NVTR product page link
ADTSM66NVTR datasheet linkADTSM66NVTRADTSM66NVTR--Gull Wing5798 - Immediate
3600 - Factory Stock
ADTSM66NVTR product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29