IC Series Pushbutton Switches

APEM presents momentary pushbutton switches for harsh environments

Image of APEM's IC Series Pushbutton SwitchesAPEM's a leading manufacturer of high quality LED indicators, joysticks, and switches, introduces its IC Series sealed snap-action pushbutton switch. This pushbutton switch features a 12 mm diameter bushing with a round and square actuator. APEM’s IC series offers a momentary switch with a short profile, for reduced behind-panel depth.

With its strong and audible tactile feedback, the IC series complements and extends the “I” range of sealed pushbutton switches. It is ideal for harsh, noisy environments, including those involving vibrations, where the use of a sealed switch is imperative. Optionally available with a reduced bezel, the IC series fits into the tightest spaces. The switches are excellent for agriculture, military vehicles, and crane remote controls markets.

  • Momentary with short case, reduced behind-panel depth
  • Tactile feedback
  • Flat round actuator for optional marking
  • Snap-action mechanism: audible tactile feedback
  • Matching the “I” range design
  • Two bezel diameters (standard 17 mm, reduced 15 mm)
  • Mechanical lifetime of 1 million cycles.
  • Glossy actuator option (round curved only)
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Diameter 12 mm bushing
  • Round actuator
  • Light plastic case
  • High voltage rating

IC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberTermination StyleAvailable Quantity
ICP3FAD2104 datasheet linkICP3FAD2104ICP3FAD2104Wire Leads2 - Immediate
ICP3FAD2104 product page link
ICC3SAD2100 datasheet linkICC3SAD2100ICC3SAD2100Solder Lug75 - Factory StockICC3SAD2100 product page link
ICR3SAD2101 datasheet linkICR3SAD2101ICR3SAD2101Solder Lug75 - Factory StockICR3SAD2101 product page link
ICC3PAD2100 datasheet linkICC3PAD2100ICC3PAD2100PC Pin100 - Factory StockICC3PAD2100 product page link
ICR3Z1AD2101 datasheet linkICR3Z1AD2101ICR3Z1AD2101Quick Connect - 0.110" (2.8mm)75 - Factory StockICR3Z1AD2101 product page link
ICP3Z1AD2100 datasheet linkICP3Z1AD2100ICP3Z1AD2100Quick Connect - 0.110" (2.8mm)100 - Factory StockICP3Z1AD2100 product page link
ICP3PAD2100 datasheet linkICP3PAD2100ICP3PAD2100PC Pin2 - Immediate
75 - Factory Stock
ICP3PAD2100 product page link
ICC3FAD2101 datasheet linkICC3FAD2101ICC3FAD2101Wire Leads100 - Factory StockICC3FAD2101 product page link
ICR3FAD2101 datasheet linkICR3FAD2101ICR3FAD2101Wire Leads25 - Factory StockICR3FAD2101 product page link
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Published: 2014-09-09