Hall-Effect Joysticks

APEM offers a large variety of Hall-Effect joysticks

Image of APEM's Hall-Effect JoysticksCJ Series
APEM's CJ series joystick features an ergonomic multifunction handle purposely designed for safety critical hand-operated applications. Available as a one or two axis joystick, the CJ series utilizes non-contacting Hall-Effect technology for over one million operations. The CJ series features an industry-common mounting cutout and hole pattern, allowing it to easily replace early generation third-party joysticks in existing OEM applications. Environmentally-sealed up to IP68 for protection against the ingress of dust and liquids, the CJ series is ideally suited for construction vehicles including cranes, loaders, and excavators.

CW Series
The CW series uses proven non-contacting Hall-Effect technology to provide highly-reliable and accurate linear output. Designed for integration into joystick handles and control grips, the CW series enables system designers to optimize the ergonomics and efficiency of their control systems. The CW series is a low-profile controller measuring only 25 mm x 13 mm x 9 mm above panel and features an arching wheel design to provide one axis of forward and backward movement. Utilizing snap-in tabs for easy panel mounting, the device measures only 18 mm below panel. Featuring spring return-to-center mechanism, the CW series is ergonomically designed for precision fingertip control, making it ideal for repeated operations over long periods. It also features excellent proportional control, stable output, low-noise, and long-life, and is designed for panel-mount applications as well as joystick integration.

HF Joystick
The HF joystick is a contactless, multi-axis controller providing long-life finger positioning control. Featuring non-contact Hall-Effect technology while utilizing minimal mounting depth, the HF joystick is designed for applications requiring enduring accuracy and precision. Available with several ergonomic handles and in single-, dual- or triple-axis configurations, ideal applications include CCTV control, robotics, medical devices, and audio video production consoles.

MS Series
The MS series joystick is a contactless, Hall-Effect controller developed for demanding operator control applications requiring a rugged, yet compact hand-operated positioning device. Available with several ergonomic multi-axis handles while utilizing only five square inches of surface area, the MS series joystick is ideally suited for off-highway enclosed cabin vehicles. Striking the perfect balance between size and durability, widely used applications include watercraft, agricultural, forestry, and material handling vehicles.

SN Series
Engineered specifically for the broadcasting industry, the SN series t-bar fader is a “put and stay” joystick that provides precision fingertip control. Featuring non-contacting Hall-Effect sensing for long-life performance, the SN series is rated over one million lifecycles. The SN series t-bar provides an analog voltage output proportional to the distance and direction over which the handle is moved. A range of output options are available as standard. The SN series fader utilizes high-quality ball bearings at the lever’s pivot point and a PTFE friction clutch assembly to create a smooth, damped, “stay put” action to ensure a consistent feel over the life of the product. The product may be specified with one of two aluminum handle options and features industry “standard” mounting cutout.

TS Series
The TS series thumbstick with the pushbutton handle option offers one of the only “micro” Hall-Effect joysticks on the market with a tactile “selection” option. Similar in size and operation to “gamepad” controls, the thumbstick with pushbutton is ideally suited for military robotics, material handling, and UAV and UGV operator control units. Inside its sleek miniature package, the TS thumbstick utilizes contactless Hall-Effect technology to provide long-life proportional control up to one million lifecycles. Featuring a miniature tactile switch protected under an elastomer boot, the pushbutton feature provides an off-momentary validation or selection feature. The TS thumbstick will also offer three additional handle options, including the “round jog”, “mushroom”, and a “low profile”, making it APEM’s fastest growing product series.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeActuator TypeAvailable Quantity
CJ-N3DP0013N datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK HALL EFFECTCJ-N3DP0013NSWITCH JOYSTICK HALL EFFECTActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick18 - Immediate
CJ-N3DP0013N product page link
CJ-N1DS201E datasheet linkSWITCH JOYSTICK HALL EFFECTCJ-N1DS201ESWITCH JOYSTICK HALL EFFECTActiveJoystick, 2 - AxisJoystick0CJ-N1DS201E product page link

CW Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberAvailable Quantity
CWB1BK1A00A0 datasheet linkCWB1BK1A00A0CWB1BK1A00A0117 - Immediate
CWB1BK1A00A0 product page link
CWB1BK1A02A0 datasheet linkCWB1BK1A02A0CWB1BK1A02A019 - Immediate
CWB1BK1A02A0 product page link
CWA0BK1A00A0 datasheet linkCWA0BK1A00A0CWA0BK1A00A010 - Immediate
CWA0BK1A00A0 product page link
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HF Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberAvailable Quantity
HF45S10 datasheet linkHF45S10HF45S1029 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
HF45S10 product page link
505-442 datasheet link505-442505-442104 - Immediate
505-442 product page link
HF45S10U datasheet linkHF45S10UHF45S10U21 - Immediate
HF45S10U product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusCircuitAvailable Quantity
MS22 datasheet linkSWITCH SLIDE DPDT 300MA 6VMS22SWITCH SLIDE DPDT 300MA 6VBulkActiveDPDT13035 - Immediate
13375 - Factory Stock
MS22 product page link
MS12 datasheet linkSWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 6VMS12SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 6VBulkActiveSPDT0MS12 product page link
MS13 datasheet linkSWITCH SLIDE SP3T 300MA 6VMS13SWITCH SLIDE SP3T 300MA 6VBulkActiveSP3T0MS13 product page link
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SN Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberAvailable Quantity
SN101SS datasheet linkSN101SSSN101SS50 - Immediate
SN101SS product page link
SN101SN datasheet linkSN101SNSN101SN14 - Immediate
SN101SN product page link
SN201SS datasheet linkSN201SSSN201SS10 - Immediate
SN201SS product page link
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TS Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionActuator TypeSwitch FunctionAvailable Quantity
TS-1D1S00A-1294 datasheet linkSWITCH THUMBSTICK CASTLE HALLTS-1D1S00A-1294SWITCH THUMBSTICK CASTLE HALLCastle4-Way Directional496 - Immediate
TS-1D1S00A-1294 product page link
TS-1D1U00A-1293 datasheet linkSWITCH THUMBSTICK CASTLE HALLTS-1D1U00A-1293SWITCH THUMBSTICK CASTLE HALLCastle2-Way Directional11 - Immediate
TS-1D1U00A-1293 product page link
TSAA1S00A product page link
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Published: 2014-05-06