ES Series Heavy-Duty Pushbutton

34 mm red pushbutton from APEM designed for heavy-duty applications

Image of APEM's ES Series Heavy-Duty PushbuttonAPEM's a leading manufacturer of high quality LED indicators, joysticks, and switches, introduces its ES Emergency Stop pushbutton. This pushbutton switch features a 22 mm diameter bushing with a 34 mm round actuator. APEM’s ES series offers one of a kind robustness for extreme environments.

APEM’s Emergency Stop has a diameter 34 mm red anodized actuator, designed for heavy-duty applications. Features IK10 impact resistance, IP65 frontal sealing and EN 60947-5-1 certification; the switch also offers a push-pull ON-ON function. The ES switches are excellent fit for military, agricultural, oil, food, industrial, and HVAC applications.<\p>

The ES Emergency Stop series includes; Metal product with diameter 22 mm bushing (market standard), 100,000 cycle mechanical life, IK10 Impact resistance, no axis deformation even if exposed to major shocks, sealed to IP65 by O-ring and membrane, lower behind-panel depth, locked/unlocked status indicator, customizable actuator and bezel (color, shape, marking) and straight PC or solder lug terminals.

  • Rugged version : 100,000 cycle mechanical life
  • Locked/unlocked status indicator
  • Lower behind-panel depth
  • IP65 sealing
  • Complies with EN 60947-5-1

ES Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSwitch FunctionAvailable Quantity
ES1S41653 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST-NC 1A 24VES1S41653SWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST-NC 1A 24VOn-Off41 - Immediate
ES1S41653 product page link
ES2S41653 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST 1A 24VES2S41653SWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST 1A 24VOn-Off, Off-On70 - Immediate
ES2S41653 product page link
ES1S41653001 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST-NC 1A 24VES1S41653001SWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST-NC 1A 24VOn-Off71 - Immediate
ES1S41653001 product page link
ES2S41653001 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST 1A 24VES2S41653001SWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPST 1A 24VOn-Off, Off-On18 - Immediate
ES2S41653001 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29