5000 Series Toggle Switches

Toggle switches from APEM Components are available in 1- to 4-pole configurations

Image of APEM's 5000 Series Toggle SwitchesAPEM's 5000 Series miniature toggle switches are available in a wide range of models and current ratings. These switches are available in 1- to 4-pole configurations. Threaded bushing versions for panel mounting and plain bushing versions for PCB mounting are available as well as solder lug and PC terminals, gold plated or silver contacts. These switches are VDE, UL, CSA, and CECC approved.

Features Applications
  • 1- to 4-pole configurations.
  • Numerous accessories available for actuator and bushing options.
  • Three types of finish including military black.
  • Four approvals (UL - CSA - VDE - CECC) and three listings.
  • 17 actuators including toggles, paddle levers and locking levers in different lengths.
  • Five contact materials from dry circuit to 6 A 125 VAC and high inrush up to 120 A 2 ms.
  • 12 terminal types including 9 for PC board mounting. Other types include quick-connect and wire-wrap.
  • Six bushing styles from six (0.236) plain to 11,9 (15/32) threaded.
  • Four types of sealing for terminal or front panel requirements.
  • Eight functions including maintained and momentary versions.
  • Professional communication systems
  • Audio-visual professional
  • Agriculture vehicles
  • Special cars (electric, hybrids, four wheelers, sport, bus)
  • Civil engineering vehicles, trucks, diggers, crane
  • Communication equipment, base station
5000 Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCircuitSwitch FunctionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
5246ABSWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 6A 125VDPDTOn-On138 - Immediate
5238ABSWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTOn-Off-Mom283 - Immediate
5636ABSWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTOn-On176 - Immediate
5637ABSWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTMom-Off-Mom132 - Immediate
5249ABSWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 6A 125VDPDTOn-Off-On110 - Immediate
5236WWCDB16X445SWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 0.4VA 20VSPDTOn-On149 - Immediate
5637AB9SWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTMom-Off-Mom198 - Immediate
5636AKBSWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTOn-On147 - Immediate
5639AB3VSWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTOn-Off-On190 - Immediate
5656ABSWITCH TOGGLE 3PDT 6A 125V3PDTOn-On163 - Immediate
5659ABSWITCH TOGGLE 3PDT 6A 125V3PDTOn-Off-On146 - Immediate
5649AB3VSWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 6A 125VDPDTOn-Off-On159 - Immediate
5242MIWRADX449SWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 6A 125VDPDTOn-Mom217 - Immediate
5S251S0F1000JOYSTICK 5000 POTENTIOMETER5k0.125W, 1/8W50 - Immediate
5646AB2VSWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 6A 125VDPDTOn-On148 - Immediate
5648MCDKB27SWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 0.4VA 20VDPDTOn-Off-Mom121 - Immediate
5266ABSWITCH TOGGLE 4PDT 6A 125V4PDTOn-On75 - Immediate
5236ABSWITCH TOGGLE SPDT 6A 125VSPDTOn-On97 - Immediate
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Published: 2012-06-29