ADuM144x Low-Power Digital Isolators

Micropower quad-channel digital isolators from Analog Devices

Image of Analog Devices' ADuM144x Low-Power Digital IsolatorsAnalog Devices has introduced the ADuM144x family, the industry's lowest-power digital isolators. Based on ADI's proprietary iCoupler technology, the ADuM144x can be powered by as little as 1 μW of power, delivering power levels over 1,000 times lower than optocouplers and competing digital isolators. At these levels, the ADuM144x family is ideally suited for industrial and instrumentation systems such as 4-20 mA current loops, remote sensors, and green systems that demand high energy efficiency or depend on limited power sources, such as batteries.

The ADuM144x are quad-channel data isolators available in three different channel configurations with a one-minute isolation safety rating of 2.5 kV rms. They have an operating voltage range of 2.25 V to 3.6 V, further reducing power constraints and providing the lowest isolator operating voltage on the market. Quiescent power supply current at 2.5 V is less than 5 μA per channel, and power supply current at 2 Mbps is less than 380 μA per channel. A power saving mode can reduce current levels to as little as 0.1 μA per channel, resulting in an industry-best 1 μW of total power for the entire isolator. In addition to the significant power savings, the ADuM144x is also available in a 16-lead QSOP package, making it the industry’s smallest quad-channel digital isolators with a 2.5 kV rms isolation rating.

ADuM144x Low-Power Digital Isolators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTechnologyAvailable Quantity
ADUM1442ARQZ datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPADUM1442ARQZDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPActiveMagnetic Coupling1436 - Immediate
14406 - Factory Stock
ADUM1442ARQZ product page link
ADUM1445ARQZ datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPADUM1445ARQZDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPActiveMagnetic Coupling1398 - Immediate
5488 - Factory Stock
ADUM1445ARQZ product page link
ADUM1441ARQZ datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPADUM1441ARQZDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPActiveMagnetic Coupling566 - Immediate
9898 - Factory Stock
ADUM1441ARQZ product page link
ADUM1446ARQZ datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPADUM1446ARQZDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPActiveMagnetic Coupling382 - Immediate
7154 - Factory Stock
ADUM1446ARQZ product page link
ADUM1447ARQZ datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPADUM1447ARQZDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPActiveMagnetic Coupling182 - Immediate
294 - Factory Stock
ADUM1447ARQZ product page link
ADUM1440ARQZ datasheet linkDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPADUM1440ARQZDGTL ISO 2.5KV GEN PURP 16QSOPActiveMagnetic Coupling96 - Immediate
16856 - Factory Stock
ADUM1440ARQZ product page link

Evaluation Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMain PurposeEmbeddedAvailable Quantity
EVAL-ADUM1441EBZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADUM144X 16QSOPEVAL-ADUM1441EBZBOARD EVAL FOR ADUM144X 16QSOPActiveInterface, Digital IsolatorNo1 - Immediate
7 - Factory Stock
EVAL-ADUM1441EBZ product page link
Published: 2013-12-17