AD9625 2 GSPS Data Converter

Analog Devices' AD9625 combines high bandwidth with industry-leading dynamic range and noise

Image of Analog Devices' AD9625 2 GSPS Data ConverterAnalog Devices, Inc. announced the immediate availability of the 12-bit, 2 GSPS, AD9625 A/D converter. It provides the best noise and dynamic range performance in its class for better receiver sensitivity along with the ability to discern smaller signals in the presence of noise, clutter, blockers and interferers. This breakthrough performance combined with 2 GSPS bandwidth and integrated signal processing functionality enables the trend to direct RF sampling in communications, instrumentation and military/aerospace applications. The converter’s superior noise spectral density of 149.5 dBFS/Hz coupled with high-input bandwidth, allow designers to use undersampling system architectures into the 2nd Nyquist zone, saving on a frequency down-conversion stage.

The AD9625 is the latest addition to ADI’s wideband RF data acquisition technology portfolio that provides previously unavailable dynamic performance for better signal extraction in congested RF environments over a wider bandwidth than ever before. The AD9625 is interoperable with FPGAs from major manufacturers and supported with known good configurations. The AD9625, combined with the recently announced the 14-bit, 1 GSPS AD9680 A/D converter, demonstrate ADI’s innovation in providing leading-edge offerings driving the trend toward direct RF sampling.

AD9625 2 GSPS Data Converter
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Published: 2014-06-11