AD531x, AD568x, and AD569x nanoDAC®

Quad 10-, 12- and 16-bit 3 V/5 V D/A converters from Analog Devices

Image of Analog Devices' AD531x, AD568x, and AD569x nanoDAC®Analog Devices introduces a second series of quad 10-, 12-, and 16-bit 3 V/5 V D/A converters in space-saving 16-lead LFCSP and TSSOP packages. These new AD531x/AD568x/AD569x nanoDAC+™ quad D/A converters offer the industry’s best DC performance (INL is ±2LSB max, offset error is ±1.5 mV max and gain error is ±0.1% max) in the smallest package (3 mm x 3 mm LFCSP), with SPI or I²C interface options. Applications such as PLC (programmable logic controller) I/O cards, digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, and optical modules that require low power, rail-to-rail, single-supply D/A converters will benefit from the AD568x/9x series’ industry-leading performance.

The AD531x members of the nanoDAC® family are low power, single-channel, 10-bit buffered voltage-out DACs. The devices include a 2.5 V, 2 ppm/°C internal reference. The output span can be programmed to be 0 V to VREF or 0 V to 2 × VREF. All devices operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply and are guaranteed monotonic by design. The devices are available in 10-lead MSOP packages.

The AD5680, a member of the nanoDAC® family, is a single, 18-bit buffered voltage-out digital-to-analog converter that operates from a single 4.5 V to 5.5 V supply and is 18-bit monotonic. The AD5680 requires an external reference voltage to set the output range of the DAC. The part incorporates a power-on reset circuit that ensures the DAC output powers up to 0 V (AD5680-1) or to mid-scale (AD5680-2) and remains there until a valid write takes place.

The AD5694, a member of the nanoDAC+™ family, is a low-power, quad, 16-bit buffered voltage output DAC. The device includes a gain-select pin giving a full-scale output of 0 V to VREF (gain = 1) or 0 V to 2.0 VREF (gain = 2). The device operates from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply, is guaranteed monotonic by design, and exhibits less than 0.1% FSR gain error and 1.5 mV offset error performance. The device is available in a 3 mm × 3 mm LFCSP package and a TSSOP package.

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSettling TimeNumber of BitsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
AD5312BRMZIC DAC 10BIT DUAL R-R 10-MSOP6µs10384 - Immediate
3100 - Factory Stock
AD5318BRUZIC DAC 10BIT OCTAL W/BUF 16TSSOP7µs10391 - Immediate
288 - Factory Stock
AD5314ARMZIC DAC 10BIT QUAD VOUT 10-MSOP7µs10678 - Immediate
6400 - Factory Stock
AD5314BRMIC DAC 10BIT QUAD VOUT 10-MSOP7µs1059 - Immediate
AD5318ARUIC DAC 10BIT OCTAL W/BUF 16TSSOP7µs1096 - Immediate
2592 - Factory Stock
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSettling TimeNumber of BitsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
AD5680BRJZ-2REEL7IC DAC 18BIT 5V SOT23-880µs182252 - Immediate
AD5684RARUZIC DAC 12BIT SPI QUAD 16TSSOP7µs12252 - Immediate
2496 - Factory Stock
AD5680BRJZ-1500RL7IC DAC 18BIT 5V SOT23-880µs181054 - Immediate
AD5685RBRUZIC DAC 14BIT SPI/SRL 16-TSSOP8µs14118 - Immediate
765 - Factory Stock
AD568JQIC DAC 12BIT HS MONO 35NS 24CDIP35ns128 - Immediate
46 - Factory Stock
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSettling TimeNumber of BitsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
AD5696RARUZIC DAC 16BIT I2C/SRL 16-TSSOP8µs12167 - Immediate
AD5694RBRUZIC DAC 12BIT I2C/SRL 16-TSSOP7µs1265 - Immediate
3193 - Factory Stock
AD5696RBRUZIC DAC 16BIT I2C/SRL 16-TSSOP8µs1655 - Immediate
1783 - Factory Stock
AD5695RARUZIC DAC 14BIT I2C/SRL 16-TSSOP5µs1229 - Immediate
AD5694RARUZIC DAC 12BIT I2C/SRL 16-TSSOP7µs1220 - Immediate
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Evaluation Boards
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of DAC'sNumber of BitsSampling Rate (Per Second)Available QuantityBuy Now
EVAL-AD5686RSDZBOARD EVAL FOR AD5686R416-1 - Immediate
14 - Factory Stock
EVAL-AD5684RSDZBOARD EVAL FOR AD5684R412-1 - Immediate
EVAL-AD5689RSDZBOARD EVAL FOR AD5689R216-1 - Immediate
6 - Factory Stock
EVAL-CN0229-SDPZEVAL-CN0229-SDPZReference Design, Analog Output ModuleNoAD5686R, AD5750-2, ADuM1301, ADuM54001 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
EVAL-AD5697RSDZBOARD EVAL FOR AD5697R212-1 - Immediate
7 - Factory Stock
EVAL-AD5694RSDZBOARD EVAL FOR AD5694R412-1 - Immediate
EVAL-AD5696RSDZBOARD EVAL FOR AD5696R416-3 - Factory Stock
Published: 2014-03-07