AS8501 High Precision Data Acquisition ICs

The AS8501 from ams is a complete, low power data acquisition system

Image of AMS' AS8501 High Precision Data Acquisition ICsThe ams AS8501 is a complete, low power data acquisition system for very small signals (e.g. voltages from shunt resistors or thermocouples) that operates on a single 5 V power supply. The AS8501 has four ground referring inputs that can be switched separately to the internal PGA.

The outstanding analog performance of the AS8501 is ensured by a specifically designed robot system that tests the IC's individual analog parameters, determines specific trim parameters by means of a complex calibration routine, and stores this data in the IC. It is an improved version of the AS8500, which if offered with a standard trim setting.

Features and Benefits
  • High resolution (16-bit, up to 21-bit by external averaging)
  • High linearity (<0.1%)
  • No offset
  • Sampling rates from 2 Hz up to max 8 kHz
  • Fast dual channel measurement (quasi synchronous)
  • Single 5 V supply
  • Low noise (0.1 μV RMS for 0 to 5 Hz)
  • Choices for full scale input range versus ground: ±7.5 mV, ±15 mV, ±30 mV, ±120 mV or 800/-300 mV
  • Multiple input channels, configurable as:
    • 4 single ended channels or 2 fully differential inputs
    • With or without programmable pre-amplifier
    • Programmable current sources


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeInput TypeAvailable Quantity
AS8501-ASOU datasheet linkIC DATA ACQ 16-SOICAS8501-ASOUIC DATA ACQ 16-SOICData Acquisition System (DAS)Analog, Digital0AS8501-ASOU product page link
Published: 2012-08-23