AS3953 NFiC®

AMS' AS3953 NFiC enables all applications to interact with an NFC mobile phone in an instant

Image of AMS' AS3953 NFiC®AMS' AS3953 creates virtually limitless possibilities for interactions with NFC-enabled smartphones. Imagine lending the processing power of a multi-core ARM® processor and a high-definition 4-inch display for your application without paying for it. This is exactly what the AS3953 enables you to do without the problems of a full NFC reader design. The AS3953 can be used as an NFC forum-compatible interface tag, establishing instant communication with any NFC-enabled phone in close proximity. The AS3953 is compliant with NFC forum specifications and the ISO14443A industry standard. It also contains a complete analog front-end and a 4-wire SPI. The 1 kB of internal EEPROM can be used to program an application wirelessly and unpowered, or store information from the application side (e.g. sensors, maintains, diagnostic data).

The AS3953 also allows direct-communication ideal for applications where large amounts of data need to be transferred. The device enables system designers to add full-bi-directional NFC capability at a total cost less than one-third of a typical NFC reader implementation. Requiring no external power source, the AS3953 NFiC® can provide up to 5 mA of harvested power from the reader field to the host system. With data rates of up to 848 kbps and integrated wake up feature, the AS3953 is ideal for purely-passive programming and communication of an application controller.

An end-customer benefit is that people can use mobiles they are familiar with. No communication setup is required as simple-tapping is enough. AS3953 reduces BOM by removing the displays from applications. It can be used in applications where data history can be stored and sent (e.g. medical history sent to the doctor). It enables wireless firmware upgrades, end-user-based maintains and diagnostic, therefore enabling better services while cutting costs. The AS3953 fits in a wide-variety of applications where contactless interfacing with MCU-based systems is required. This includes medical devices, home appliances, personal electronics, vending machines, toys, industrial applications, as well as smart cards with displays, smart retail shelf labels, and sensors.

  • Direct NFC to SPI interface (up to type 4)
  • 5 mA energy harvest
  • 106 to 848 kbps data transfer rate
  • Built-in 1 kbit high-endurance EEPROM (>1 Mu write cycles)
  • Most cost-efficient and easiest way to implement NFC
  • Power positive, longer battery lifetime, allows battery-less designs
  • Fast data transfer for firmware upgrades or data intense applications
  • Longest-lifetime of EEPROM even in challenging environment


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AS3953A-BDFM datasheet linkIC NFC INTERFACE 14443A LEVEL4AS3953A-BDFMIC NFC INTERFACE 14443A LEVEL46098 - Immediate
AS3953A-BDFM product page link
BOARD DEMO FOR AS3953AS3953-DK-STBOARD DEMO FOR AS39530AS3953-DK-ST product page link
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Published: 2014-03-03