AS3410/30 Active Noise Cancellation ICs

AS3410/30 series from ams offers active noise cancellation, with low power consumption

Image of AMS' AS3410/30 Active Noise Cancellation ICsThe ams AS3410/30 combine a high quality (0.1% THD, >100dB SNR), true ground, audio headphone amplifier with all the necessary circuitry to enable active noise cancellation, all at very-low power consumption, specifically targeting accessories. The AS3410 is ideally suited for feed-forward topology, whereas AS3430 is better suited for feedback topology. The speakers can be configured in single-ended mode (2 x 34 mW at 1.5 V, 16 Ω) or Bridge Tied Load (1 x 109 mW at 1.5 V, 16 Ω) and the line-in gain is adjustable to allow for locally-controlled volume setting. The device contains an OTP-ROM to store calibration settings for the noise cancelling microphones, removing the need for the manually-trimmed pots typically used. The OTP can also be used to store device configuration settings, allowing flexibility and differentiation for a broad end-product portfolio.

Features and Benefits
  • ANC processing feed-forward and feedback topology
  • Calibration and configuration programmable on prod line without manual intervention
  • Typically up to 20 dB noise reduction depending on headset
  • 2 x 34mW, THD <0.1% at 16 Ω with 1.5 V supply, SNR >100 dB
  • High-performance true ground headphone amplifier
  • 2x34mW, THD <0.1% at 16 Ω with 1.5 V supply, SNR >100 dB
  • Click and pop less start-up/shutdown
  • Line-in gain programmable or user adjustable
  • 2-wire serial control
  • Low quiescent current of 0.6 µA (typ)
  • Single cell (AA/AAA) or 1.0 V - 1.8 V supply
  • Short-circuit protection
  • High PSRR, 80 dB at 1 KHz and 217 Hz

AS341030 Active Noise Cancellation ICs
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AS3430-EK-STBOARD EVAL FOR AS34305 - Immediate
AS3410 EK-STBOARD EVAL FOR AS34107 - Immediate
Published: 2013-10-03