MRJ Connector Series

Amphenol Commercial Products' MRJ connector series ideal for harsh environments

Image of Amphenol Commercial Products' MRJ Connector SeriesAmphenol Commercial Products' MRJ connector series is ideal for harsh environments where Ethernet/IP protocol is used. These connectors are available in 8- or 10-contact versions, right angle, and vertical-mount PCB with the option of adding LEDs, EMI filtering, and transient voltage protection.

Each of the termination styles is available with a matching RJ45 connector, cable header, and terminal block mounted on a PCB. Other features include damage protection against accidental mating with an RJ11 or an improperly terminated RJ plug.

  • Industrial
    • GPS
    • ATMs
    • Medical equipment
    • Lottery terminals and slot machines
    • Positioning equipment for agriculture market
  • Military
    • Test equipment
    • Radios
    • Vehicles
    • Computers
    • Mobile communication systems

MRJ Connector Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MRJ-5380-01 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLDMRJ-5380-01CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLD1272 - Immediate
MRJ-5380-01 product page link
MRJ-5381-01 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLDMRJ-5381-01CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLD2655 - Immediate
MRJ-5381-01 product page link
MRJ-5780-01 datasheet linkCONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8CMRJ-5780-01CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C2098 - Immediate
MRJ-5780-01 product page link
MRJ-5385-01 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLDMRJ-5385-01CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLD570 - Immediate
MRJ-5385-01 product page link
MRJ-5580-01 datasheet linkADAPTER MODULAR 8POS-20POSMRJ-5580-01ADAPTER MODULAR 8POS-20POS0MRJ-5580-01 product page link
Published: 2012-09-24