800B Series Ceramic MLCs

American Technical Ceramics' 800B series, high RF power, NPO ceramic MLCs

Image of American Technical Ceramics' 800B Series Ceramic MLCsAmerican Technical Ceramics' 800B series offers superb performance in demanding high RF power applications requiring consistent, reliable operation. The combination of high conductive metal electrode systems, optimized case geometries, and proprietary dielectrics yields the lowest ESR. Ultra-low ESR and superior performance insure that the 800B series products are a great choice for high RF power applications from UHF through microwave frequencies.

Features Applications
  • Case B size (.110 inch x .110 inch)
  • Capacitance range 0.1 pf to 1000 pf
  • Rugged, reliable NPO dielectric
  • Low ESR
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free
  • UHF / HDTV broadcast transmitters
  • Medical electronics
  • Public safety radio
  • Telecom
  • Avionics


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
800B471JT200XT datasheet linkCAP CER 470PF 200V NP0 1111800B471JT200XTCAP CER 470PF 200V NP0 1111470pF±5%2181 - Immediate
800B471JT200XT product page link
800B8R2BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 8.2PF 500V NP0 1111800B8R2BT500XTCAP CER 8.2PF 500V NP0 11118.2pF±0.1pF1974 - Immediate
800B8R2BT500XT product page link
800B3R3BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 3.3PF 500V NP0 1111800B3R3BT500XTCAP CER 3.3PF 500V NP0 11113.3pF±0.1pF4464 - Immediate
800B3R3BT500XT product page link
800B102JT50XT datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 50V NP0 1111800B102JT50XTCAP CER 1000PF 50V NP0 11111000pF±5%1340 - Immediate
800B102JT50XT product page link
800B6R8BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 6.8PF 500V NP0 1111800B6R8BT500XTCAP CER 6.8PF 500V NP0 11116.8pF±0.1pF3061 - Immediate
800B6R8BT500XT product page link
800B330FT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 33PF 500V NP0 1111800B330FT500XTCAP CER 33PF 500V NP0 111133pF±1%1069 - Immediate
800B330FT500XT product page link
800B1R2BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 1.2PF 500V NP0 1111800B1R2BT500XTCAP CER 1.2PF 500V NP0 11111.2pF±0.1pF1186 - Immediate
800B1R2BT500XT product page link
800B1R8BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 1.8PF 500V NP0 1111800B1R8BT500XTCAP CER 1.8PF 500V NP0 11111.8pF±0.1pF1869 - Immediate
800B1R8BT500XT product page link
800B4R7BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 4.7PF 500V NP0 1111800B4R7BT500XTCAP CER 4.7PF 500V NP0 11114.7pF±0.1pF1243 - Immediate
800B4R7BT500XT product page link
800B9R1BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 9.1PF 500V NP0 1111800B9R1BT500XTCAP CER 9.1PF 500V NP0 11119.1pF±0.1pF3550 - Immediate
800B9R1BT500XT product page link
800B180FT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 18PF 500V NP0 1111800B180FT500XTCAP CER 18PF 500V NP0 111118pF±1%904 - Immediate
800B180FT500XT product page link
800B3R6BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 3.6PF 500V NP0 1111800B3R6BT500XTCAP CER 3.6PF 500V NP0 11113.6pF±0.1pF1367 - Immediate
800B3R6BT500XT product page link
800B6R2BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 6.2PF 500V NP0 1111800B6R2BT500XTCAP CER 6.2PF 500V NP0 11116.2pF±0.1pF1142 - Immediate
800B6R2BT500XT product page link
800B7R5BT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 7.5PF 500V NP0 1111800B7R5BT500XTCAP CER 7.5PF 500V NP0 11117.5pF±0.1pF1463 - Immediate
800B7R5BT500XT product page link
800B270JT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 27PF 500V NP0 1111800B270JT500XTCAP CER 27PF 500V NP0 111127pF±5%1175 - Immediate
800B270JT500XT product page link
800B5R1CT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 5.1PF 500V NP0 1111800B5R1CT500XTCAP CER 5.1PF 500V NP0 11115.1pF±0.25pF1455 - Immediate
800B5R1CT500XT product page link
800B4R7CT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 4.7PF 500V NP0 1111800B4R7CT500XTCAP CER 4.7PF 500V NP0 11114.7pF±0.25pF1040 - Immediate
800B4R7CT500XT product page link
800B220GT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 22PF 500V NP0 1111800B220GT500XTCAP CER 22PF 500V NP0 111122pF±2%683 - Immediate
800B220GT500XT product page link
800B8R2CT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 8.2PF 500V NP0 1111800B8R2CT500XTCAP CER 8.2PF 500V NP0 11118.2pF±0.25pF313 - Immediate
800B8R2CT500XT product page link
800B8R2CT500XT datasheet linkCAP CER 8.2PF 500V NP0 1111800B8R2CT500XTCAP CER 8.2PF 500V NP0 11118.2pF±0.25pF0800B8R2CT500XT product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02