Amplified Low Pressure Sensors

All Sensors' 1 mbar (0.4 in H2O) to 30 in H2O pressure sensors

Image of All Sensors' Amplified Low Pressure SensorsAll Sensors' amplified line of low pressure sensors is based upon a proprietary technology that tries to reduce all output offset or common mode errors. This model provides a ratiometric 4 V output with superior offset characteristics. Output offset errors due to changes in temperature, stability to warm-up, stability to long time periods, and position sensitivity are all significantly reduced when compared to conventional compensation methods. The sensor utilizes a silicon, micromachined, stress concentration enhanced structure to provide a very linear output to measured pressure.  These calibrated and temperature compensated sensors give an accurate and stable output over a wide temperature range. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases and the like.

Equivalent Circuit Diagram

Image of All Sensors' Amplified Low Pressure Sensors Equivalent Circuit Diagram

Features Applications
  • 0 to 1 mbar to 0 to 30 in H2O pressure ranges
  • Ratiometric 4 V output
  • Temperature compensated
  • Calibrated zero and span
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Environmental controls
  • HVAC


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPressure TypeOperating PressureOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
1 INCH-D-4V datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 1" H2O 4SIP1 INCH-D-4VSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 1" H2O 4SIPDifferential±0.04 PSI (±0.25 kPa)Analog Voltage150 - Immediate
1 INCH-D-4V product page link
5 INCH-D-4V datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 5" H2O 4SIP5 INCH-D-4VSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 5" H2O 4SIPDifferential±0.18 PSI (±1.25 kPa)Analog Voltage174 - Immediate
5 INCH-D-4V product page link
1 INCH-G-4V datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 1" H2O 4SIP1 INCH-G-4VSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 1" H2O 4SIPVented Gauge0.04 PSI (0.25 kPa)Analog Voltage10 - Immediate
1 INCH-G-4V product page link
5 INCH-G-4V datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 5" H2O 4SIP5 INCH-G-4VSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 5" H2O 4SIPVented Gauge0.18 PSI (1.25 kPa)Analog Voltage57 - Immediate
5 INCH-G-4V product page link
10 INCH-D-4V datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS DIFF 10" H2O 4SIP10 INCH-D-4VSENSOR PRESS DIFF 10" H2O 4SIPDifferential±0.36 PSI (±2.49 kPa)Analog Voltage19 - Immediate
10 INCH-D-4V product page link
20 INCH-G-4V datasheet linkSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 20" H2O 4SIP20 INCH-G-4VSENSOR PRESS GAUGE 20" H2O 4SIPVented Gauge0.72 PSI (4.98 kPa)Analog Voltage020 INCH-G-4V product page link
Published: 2012-06-29