ALD8100 and ALD9100 Series MOSFETs

ALD quad supercapacitor auto-balancing (SAB™) MOSFET array

Image of Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.'s ALD8100/ALD9100Advanced Linear Devices offers the ALD8100 and ALD9100 family of Supercapacitor Auto Balancing-MOSFETs, or SAB™ MOSFETs, are EPAD® MOSFETs designed to address leakage balance of supercapacitors connected in series. Supercapacitors, also known as ultracapacitors or supercaps, when connected two in series, can be balanced with an ALD9100 dual package. Supercaps connected two, three, or four in series can be balanced with an ALD8100 quad package.

  • Simple and economical to use
  • Precision factory trimmed
  • Automatically regulates and balances leakage currents
  • Effective for supercapacitor charge-balancing
  • Balances up to 4 supercaps with a single IC package
  • Balances 2, 3, and 4-cell series-connected supercaps
  • Scalable to larger supercap stacks and arrays
  • Near-zero additional leakage currents
  • Zero leakage at 0.3 V below rated voltages
  • Balances with series-connect and parallel-connect
  • Leakage currents are exponential function of cell voltages
  • Active current ranges from < 0.3 nA to > 1000 μA
  • Always active, always fast response time
  • Minimizes leakage currents and power dissipation
  • Series-connected supercapacitor cell-leakage balancing
  • Energy harvesting
  • Zero-power voltage divider at selected voltages
  • Matched current mirrors and current sources
  • Zero-power mode maximum voltage limiter
  • Scaled supercapacitor stacks and arrays

Quad Supercap Auto Balancing MOSFET Array

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTransistor TypeAvailable Quantity
ALD810025SCL datasheet linkMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.5V 16SOICALD810025SCLMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.5V 16SOICActive4 N-Channel88 - Immediate
ALD810025SCL product page link
ALD810023SCL datasheet linkMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.3V 16SOICALD810023SCLMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.3V 16SOICActive4 N-Channel46 - Immediate
ALD810023SCL product page link
ALD810024SCL datasheet linkMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.4V 16SOICALD810024SCLMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.4V 16SOICActive4 N-Channel29 - Immediate
ALD810024SCL product page link
ALD810027SCL datasheet linkMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.7V 16SOICALD810027SCLMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.7V 16SOICActive4 N-Channel0ALD810027SCL product page link
ALD810026SCL datasheet linkMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.6V 16SOICALD810026SCLMOSFET QUAD SAB 2.6V 16SOICActive4 N-Channel23 - Immediate
ALD810026SCL product page link

Dual Supercap Auto Balancing MOSFET Array

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTransistor TypeAvailable Quantity
ALD910023SAL datasheet linkMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.3V 8SOICALD910023SALMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.3V 8SOICActive2 N-Channel (Dual)177 - Immediate
ALD910023SAL product page link
ALD910024SAL datasheet linkMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.4V 8SOICALD910024SALMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.4V 8SOICActive2 N-Channel (Dual)45 - Immediate
ALD910024SAL product page link
ALD910026SAL datasheet linkMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.6V 8SOICALD910026SALMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.6V 8SOICActive2 N-Channel (Dual)2 - Immediate
ALD910026SAL product page link
ALD910025SAL datasheet linkMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.5V 8SOICALD910025SALMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.5V 8SOICActive2 N-Channel (Dual)0ALD910025SAL product page link
ALD910027SAL datasheet linkMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.7V 8SOICALD910027SALMOSFET DUAL SAB 2.7V 8SOICActive2 N-Channel (Dual)0ALD910027SAL product page link
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Published: 2013-12-12