PAC5220WP WPC Solution Kit

Active-Semi's WPC solution kit EVK-PAC5220WP-Qi-HPA11-V1 features PAC5220WP Power Application Controller™ IC

Image of Active-Semi's PAC5220WP WPC Solution KitActive-Semi’s WPC Qi-Certified (version 1.1.2) single-IC-based wireless power transmitter solution provides customers with the highest efficiency and lowest stand-by power design available today. The solution works for charging 5 W USB powered devices such as smart-phones, mobile devices, and portable electronics. This solution also offers the smallest BOM count to reduce the design footprint.

Active-Semi's WPC solution kit EVK-PAC5220WP-Qi-HPA11-V1 features PAC5220WP Power Application Controller IC which handles all functions of wireless charging including receiver selection and identification, communication and control, power transfer, guided placement through blinking LED, and audio feedback using a piezoelectric buzzer. It also monitors input and output power for load regulation, uses WPC version 1.1 Foreign Object Detection (FOD), and provides over-current and over-temperature protection.

The turnkey solution and reference design comes with preloaded firmware for power transfer, protection, guided positioning, and other functions to perform right out-of-box, and allow customers to perform fast prototyping of their end-product. In addition, the preloaded firmware also allows customization of user features, enabling customers to differentiate their end-products. Power Application Controller IC technology, which is at the heart of this solution, also offers excellent scalability to other WPC configurations, is capable of supporting much higher power levels beyond 5 W, and is also suitable for implementing other standards such as PMA using the same platform.

  • Ultra-low standby power under 50 mW
  • Excellent EMI performance meeting FCC Class B
  • Complete WPC-1.1.2 Firmware including Foreign Objection Detection (FOD), guided positioning with LEDs and buzzer
  • Lowest solution cost bill of material including optional Active-Semi FETs
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Support for wide-input DC (up to 54 V) and universal AC input with on-chip SMPS controller
  • Scalable MCU based solution to enable products with multi-coils, multi-modes, and medium / higher power levels up to 150 W

PAC5220WP WPC Solution Kit

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EP5220HPA11-1 datasheet linkQI CERTIFIED WPC A11 WIRELESS TREP5220HPA11-1QI CERTIFIED WPC A11 WIRELESS TRActive-0EP5220HPA11-1 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-24