ActivePMU™- Smartwatches and Tablets

Active-Semi's ActivePMU is designed for powering entertainment and computing systems equipped with ARM®-based application processors

Image of Active-Semi's ActivePMU™- Smartwatches and TabletsActive-Semi's ActivePMU coding matrix allows fast time-to-market for new designs utilizing the latest features of the latest AP that is most suitable for the platform. Single, dual, and quad-core power management units (PMUs) from Active-Semi enable a wide range of portable consumer electronics ranging from feature-rich smartwatches to tablet PCs. The high-efficiency and low BOM architecture of ActivePMU offer state-of-the-art ultra-slim and light-weight designs for the consumer. Active-Semi's power management units are extremely flexible, enabling a minimal design cycle, and simplifying the design-in process.

Features Applications
  • Single/dual/quad-core performance
  • Wide application processor support
  • Integrated ActivePath™ battery charging
  • High efficiency for ultra-slim designs
  • Coding matrix supports fast time-to-market with unique solutions
  • Smartwatches
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Other ARM-based electronics
ActivePMU - Smartwatches and Tablets
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionApplicationsCurrent - SupplyAvailable QuantityBuy Now
ACT8846QM460-TIC PWR MGMT 8 LDOProcessor600µA5380 -

ACT8931AQJ633-TIC PMU CONV/LDO REGProcessor65µA5985 -

ACT8942QJ133-TIC PMU CONV/LDO REGProcessor-5995 -

ACT8840QM17A-TIC PMU CONV/LDO REGProcessor600µA5630 -

Published: 2014-02-03