SynJet® PAR20 Cooler 40 W

LED cooler for cooling PAR20 lamps from Aavid Thermalloy

Image of Aavid Thermalloy's SynJet® PAR20 Cooler 40 WSynJet cooling technology from Aavid Thermalloy provides the most reliable thermal management solution available. This LED cooler has been developed by Aavid Thermalloy for cooling PAR20 lamps, spotlights and tracklights. This product cools up to 40 W.


  • Reliable 100,000 hour lifetime
  • Quiet low acoustics
  • Cools up to 40 W
  • Energy efficient
  • 5 year warranty
  • Small form factor

SynJet® PAR20 Cooler 40 W

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
HP30S-CALBL-001 datasheet linkHEATSINK 40W PAR30 CONFIG BLACKHP30S-CALBL-001HEATSINK 40W PAR30 CONFIG BLACKPAR, Spotlights380 - Immediate
HP30S-CALBL-001 product page link
SPARS-CM012-002 datasheet linkSYNJET ZFLOW 65 LEVEL SELECT 12VSPARS-CM012-002SYNJET ZFLOW 65 LEVEL SELECT 12VPAR, Spotlights1220 - Immediate
SPARS-CM012-002 product page link
SPARS-CM005-002 datasheet linkSYNJET ZFLOW 65 LEVEL SELECT 5VSPARS-CM005-002SYNJET ZFLOW 65 LEVEL SELECT 5VPAR, Spotlights226 - Immediate
SPARS-CM005-002 product page link
HP20S-CALBL-001 datasheet linkHEATSINK 24W PAR20 CONFIG BLACKHP20S-CALBL-001HEATSINK 24W PAR20 CONFIG BLACKPAR, Spotlights171 - Immediate
HP20S-CALBL-001 product page link
HP25S-CALBL-001 datasheet linkHEATSINK 32W PAR25 CONFIG BLACKHP25S-CALBL-001HEATSINK 32W PAR25 CONFIG BLACKConfigurable130 - Immediate
HP25S-CALBL-001 product page link
HP30S-CALBL-002 datasheet linkHEATSINK 40W DOWN PHILIPS DLMHP30S-CALBL-002HEATSINK 40W DOWN PHILIPS DLMFortimo Twistable LED TDLM108 - Immediate
HP30S-CALBL-002 product page link
SPARS-CM012-001 datasheet linkSYNJET ZFLOW 65 PWM 12VSPARS-CM012-001SYNJET ZFLOW 65 PWM 12VPAR, Spotlights251 - Immediate
SPARS-CM012-001 product page link
SPARS-CM005-001 datasheet linkSYNJET ZFLOW 65 PWM 5VSPARS-CM005-001SYNJET ZFLOW 65 PWM 5VPAR, Spotlights194 - Immediate
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Published: 2011-11-17