Twin Axial Cables

The 3M™ internal twin axial ribbon cable SL8800 series is an ultra low profile, high speed, high signal density cable

Image of 3M's Twin Axial CablesCurrently available in four-channel 100 Ω 30 AWG versions, 3M SL8800 series cable is the optimum solution for space-constrained systems. This cable is unjacketed, extremely thin, very flexible and can even be folded with minimal loss or performance impact. Some high density offerings sacrifice performance to achieve density. For example, flex circuits are often used for tight packaging requirements, but flex circuitry can be cost prohibitive and can have limited bandwidth. SL8800 series cable can route along the sides of cabinets and through narrow openings in densely packaged equipment with little to no effect on performance.

SL8800 cable series is a longitudinally shielded cable construction and is made to exacting tolerances. The cable suffers little to no resonance or "suck out" where traditionally spiral wrapped twin axial cables exhibit an enormous loss of signal at a particular range of frequency. The cable is also low skew, and the ribbon construction allows customers to further control any skew that can sometimes be introduced when trying to manage individual channels. This is especially critical at speeds beyond10 Gbps. High speed applications continue to demand more performance out of the cables, and the SL8800 series cable will deliver that performance for years to come.

  • 100 Ω differential pairs
  • Four pairs with and without sidebands
  • Solid polyolefin insulation
  • 0.88 mm thick

Related Product Information

  • RoHS compliant
  • The cable is UL AWM 21008 (150 V, 80°C); file number E42769
  • Halogen free
Twin Axial Cables
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable ConnectorsNumber of PositionsConnector TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.50M5602-44-0142A-500SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.50MSATA7Receptacle to Receptacle239 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/.5M1410-P-11-00-0.50CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/.5MSFP+20Plug to Plug145 - Immediate
SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.60M5602-44-0142A-600SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.60MSATA7Receptacle to Receptacle1401 - Immediate
SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 1.0M5602-44-0142A-000SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 1.0MSATA7Receptacle to Receptacle802 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/3M1410-P-11-00-3.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/3MSFP+20Plug to Plug142 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX MINISAS 26POS 3M8G26-8A-CB1-00-3.00CABLE TWINAX MINISAS 26POS 3MminiSAS 4x26Plug to Plug104 - Immediate
SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.70M5602-44-0142A-700SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.70MSATA7Receptacle to Receptacle807 - Immediate
SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.80M5602-44-0142A-800SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.80MSATA7Receptacle to Receptacle971 - Immediate
SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.90M5602-44-0142A-900SATA 3.0 ST-ST LATCH 30AWG 0.90MSATA7Receptacle to Receptacle879 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/2M1410-P-11-00-2.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/2MSFP+20Plug to Plug169 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX MINISAS 26POS 1M8G26-0A-CB1-00-1.00CABLE TWINAX MINISAS 26POS 1MminiSAS 4x26Plug to Plug141 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX MINI SAS 26POS 5M8G26-8A-CB1-00-5.00CABLE TWINAX MINI SAS 26POS 5MminiSAS 4x26Plug to Plug74 - Immediate
QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 15M6A22-A0421-015.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 15MQSFP+ 4x38Plug to Plug12 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX MINISAS/30AWG .5M8G26-0A-UB1-00-0.50CABLE TWINAX MINISAS/30AWG .5MminiSAS 4x26Plug to Plug9 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/4M1410-P-11-00-4.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/4MSFP+20Plug to Plug77 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX MINISAS/30AWG 2M8G26-0A-UB1-00-2.00CABLE TWINAX MINISAS/30AWG 2MminiSAS 4x26Plug to Plug77 - Immediate
CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/5M1410-P-11-00-5.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/5MSFP+20Plug to Plug100 - Immediate
QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 9M6A22-A0421-009.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 9MQSFP+ 4x38Plug to Plug2 - Immediate
QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 16M6A22-A0421-016.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 16MQSFP+ 4x38Plug to Plug5 - Immediate
QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 17M6A22-A0421-017.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 17MQSFP+ 4x38Plug to Plug3 - Immediate
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Published: 2012-06-29