3M™ .100" Headers

3M has developed one of the broadest ranges of connector components in the industry

Image of 3M's .100' Headers3M was an early pioneer in the development of connectors for high pin-count board-to-board and wire-to-board applications, and remains a leader today. These new connectors quickly replaced the complex, costly and error-prone wire-wrapping technology used in many types of equipment in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, 3M has developed one of the broadest ranges of connector components in the industry and earned a trusted name for innovative design, high quality, and exemplary service.

For .100" x .100" board-to-board and wire-to-board applications, the 3M range is comprised of four-wall boxed headers and latch-eject headers, offered with a choice of feature sets and price levels to suit your design requirements and budget.

Four-wall boxed headers feature dual rows of square pins within a plastic insulator, providing protection from the damage possible with exposed pin strip headers. The low profile of the connector optimizes the above-board height available in the vertical configuration, and board real estate in the right angle version. The 3M™ Four-Wall Header, 2500 Series is the industry benchmark with copper alloy pins plated in a choice of 30μ" and 15μ" gold levels. The D2500 Series header provides a value-priced alternative featuring brass pins plated with 10μ" gold.

For the secure mating of two part connectors and for easy maintenance, headers with latch/ejectors are available. The flagship 3M™ Wiremount 3000 Series connectors feature plastic latches with metal roll pins and are offered with 30μ" gold plated contact pins. The alternative value-line D3000 Series connector features single-piece molded latches and 15μ" gold plated contacts.

Typically, headers from 3M feature a center polarization slot for correct orientation of the mating socket connector. The headers featuring the high-temperature resistant glass-filled PCT plastic insulator are designed to withstand IR reflow soldering in high volume manufacturing. Gull-wing style solder tails are also available for surface mount processing. A variety of accessories are available for board processing, coding, and polarization.

  • PBT (grey) or PCT (black) plastic body
  • Current rating: 5.00 A, 1 contact powered
  • Temperature rating: -55°C to +105°C
  • 8-64 pins (2500, D2500) or 6-64 pins (3000, D3000)
  • Copper alloy (2500, 3000) or brass (D2500, D3000) pins
  • 10μ (D2500), 15μ (2500, D3000), or 30μ (2500, 3000) gold plating
  • Rated UL94V-0

2500 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
N2510-6002-RB datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10 POS STRGHT GOLDN2510-6002-RBCONN HEADER 10 POS STRGHT GOLD13254 - Immediate
N2510-6002-RB product page link
N2514-6002-RB datasheet linkCONN HEADER 14 POS STRGHT GOLDN2514-6002-RBCONN HEADER 14 POS STRGHT GOLD6665 - Immediate
N2514-6002-RB product page link
N2510-6V0C-RB-WD datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10POS SMT VERT 30AUN2510-6V0C-RB-WDCONN HEADER 10POS SMT VERT 30AU2844 - Immediate
N2510-6V0C-RB-WD product page link
N2514-6V0C-RB-WD datasheet linkCONN HEADER 14POS SMT VERT 30AUN2514-6V0C-RB-WDCONN HEADER 14POS SMT VERT 30AU4828 - Immediate
N2514-6V0C-RB-WD product page link
N2514-5002-RB datasheet linkCONN HEADER 14 POS RT ANGLE GOLDN2514-5002-RBCONN HEADER 14 POS RT ANGLE GOLD1169 - Immediate
N2514-5002-RB product page link
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D2500 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
D2526-6V0C-AR-WE datasheet linkCONN HEADER 26POS SMD VERT 10AUD2526-6V0C-AR-WECONN HEADER 26POS SMD VERT 10AU14415 - Immediate
D2526-6V0C-AR-WE product page link
D2540-6002-AR datasheet linkCONN HEADER 40POS VERT 10GOLDD2540-6002-ARCONN HEADER 40POS VERT 10GOLD1100 - Immediate
D2540-6002-AR product page link
D2514-6002-AR datasheet linkCONN HEADER 14POS VERT 10GOLDD2514-6002-ARCONN HEADER 14POS VERT 10GOLD1070 - Immediate
D2514-6002-AR product page link
D2514-6V0C-AR-WD datasheet linkCONN HEADER 14POS SMD VERT 10AUD2514-6V0C-AR-WDCONN HEADER 14POS SMD VERT 10AU1251 - Immediate
D2514-6V0C-AR-WD product page link
D2520-6002-AR datasheet linkCONN HEADER 20POS VERT 10GOLDD2520-6002-ARCONN HEADER 20POS VERT 10GOLD1581 - Immediate
D2520-6002-AR product page link
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3000 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
N3793-6302RB datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10POS STR LONG LATCHN3793-6302RBCONN HEADER 10POS STR LONG LATCH1923 - Immediate
N3793-6302RB product page link
N3793-5302RB datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10PS R/A LONG LATCHN3793-5302RBCONN HEADER 10PS R/A LONG LATCH1865 - Immediate
N3793-5302RB product page link
3473-7600 datasheet linkSOCKET CONN 10 CONT CLOSED W/POL3473-7600SOCKET CONN 10 CONT CLOSED W/POL1020 - Immediate
3473-7600 product page link
3473-6600 datasheet linkSOCK CONN 10 CONT OPEN W/POL GLD3473-6600SOCK CONN 10 CONT OPEN W/POL GLD3319 - Immediate
3473-6600 product page link
3473-6610 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET 10POS OPEN END SRC3473-6610CONN SOCKET 10POS OPEN END SRC1243 - Immediate
3473-6610 product page link
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D3000 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
D3793-6302-AR datasheet linkCONN HDR 10POS VERT L-LATCH 10AUD3793-6302-ARCONN HDR 10POS VERT L-LATCH 10AU1873 - Immediate
D3793-6302-AR product page link
D3431-5202-AR datasheet linkCONN HEADER 34PS R/A SHORT LATCHD3431-5202-ARCONN HEADER 34PS R/A SHORT LATCH173 - Immediate
D3431-5202-AR product page link
D3432-6302-AR datasheet linkCONN HDR 40POS VERT L-LATCH 10AUD3432-6302-ARCONN HDR 40POS VERT L-LATCH 10AU475 - Immediate
D3432-6302-AR product page link
D3433-6302-AR datasheet linkCONN HDR 50POS VERT L-LATCH 10AUD3433-6302-ARCONN HDR 50POS VERT L-LATCH 10AU605 - Immediate
D3433-6302-AR product page link
D3431-5002-AR datasheet linkCONN HDR 34POS R/A NO LATCH 10AUD3431-5002-ARCONN HDR 34POS R/A NO LATCH 10AU370 - Immediate
D3431-5002-AR product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29