QSFP+ and CX4 Active Optical Cable Assemblies

The 3M™ active optical cable assemblies for QSFP+ and CX4 high-performance computing applications feature low power, low cost, and flexible lengths for Infiniband™-certified applications

Image of 3M's QSFP+ and CX4 Active Optical Cable Assemblies  Using industry-leading VCSEL technology and an advanced new light-engine design, the 3M Active Optical Cable (AOC) assemblies provide excellent cost/performance value.

Product Specifications
  • Protocols supported
    • QSFP+: Infiniband, 40 G Ethernet
    • CX4: Infiniband, 3.125 G per channel XAUI, Ethernet
  • Channels
    • QSFP+: 4 channels, bi-directional
    • CX4: 4 channels, bi-directional
  • Channel data rate
    • QSFP+: 1 to 10.3125 Gbps/channel
    • CX4: Up to 5 Gbps/channel
  • Operating optical wavelength
    • QSFP+: 850 nm
    • CX4: 850 nm
  • Aggregate bandwidth
    • QSFP+: 40 Gbps
    • CX4: 20 Gbps
  • BER
    • QSFP+: <10E-15
    • CX4: <10E-15
  • Operating Case Temperature
    • QSFP+: 0 to +70°C
    • CX4: 0 to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature
    • QSFP+: -40° to +70°C
    • CX4: -40° to +70°C
  • Supply Voltage
    • QSFP+: 3.3 V
    • CX4: 3.3 V
  • Electrical interface
    • QSFP+: 38-pin edge connector
    • CX4: 34-pin edge connector
  • Power consumption
    • QSFP+: 540 mW per end*
    • CX4: <660 mW per end
  • Management Interface
    • QSFP+: Serial, I2C
    • CX4: N/A
  • Fiber Type
    • QSFP+: OM2+, 50 &micrp;m Bend Insensitive
    • CX4: OM2+, 50 µm Bend Insensitive
  • Cable Length
    • QSFP+: Up to 100 m
    • CX4: Up to 100 m
  • Outer Cable Diameter
    • 3 mm
    • 3 mm
  • Cable Type
    • Plenum and LSZH
    • Plenum and LSZH
  • Compliance
    • SFF-8436, FCC Class B and CE, RoHS* 6, Class 1M Laser, Telcordia GR-486-CORE
    • SFF-8470, FCC Class B and CE, RoHS 6, Class 1M Laser, Telcordia GR-468-CORE
    *Tested as low as 480 mW in some use scenarios. Contact 3M for more information.
  • High-performance computing clusters
  • Data center networks
  • Infiniband(TM) and GigE switches
  • High-speed servers
  • Storage arrays/servers
  • Routers, hubs, load balancer

QSFP+ 4x

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLengthAvailable Quantity
6A22-A0421-004.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 4M6A22-A0421-004.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 4M13.12' (4.00m)5 - Immediate
6A22-A0421-004.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-010.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 10M6A22-A0421-010.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 10M32.8' (10.0m)06A22-A0421-010.0-0 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLengthAvailable Quantity
6A44-B0421-010.0-0 datasheet linkCABLE CX4-CX4 DDR 4CH PLEN 10M6A44-B0421-010.0-0CABLE CX4-CX4 DDR 4CH PLEN 10M32.8' (10.0m)5 - Immediate
6A44-B0421-010.0-0 product page link
6A44-B0421-015.0-0 datasheet linkCABLE CX4-CX4 DDR 4CH PLEN 15M6A44-B0421-015.0-0CABLE CX4-CX4 DDR 4CH PLEN 15M49.20' (15.0m)8 - Immediate
6A44-B0421-015.0-0 product page link
6A44-B0421-020.0-0 datasheet linkCABLE CX4-CX4 DDR 4CH PLEN 20M6A44-B0421-020.0-0CABLE CX4-CX4 DDR 4CH PLEN 20M65.62' (20.0m)3 - Immediate
6A44-B0421-020.0-0 product page link
Published: 2012-06-16