Material Solutions

3M's selection of products includes materials that address the assembly, insulation, thermal management, vibration, and EMC application needs

Image of 3M's Material Solutions3M custom-cut products match 3M technologies to customer requirements with the exact form, fit, and functionality needed. Whether laminating adhesives to substrates, precision or die cutting, slitting, or spooling and level winding, 3M custom-cut products can meet required precise specifications and manufacturing needs. This includes tracking labels with high-temperature-resistant facestock that withstand harsh conditions of wave solder and reflow in PCB assembly and for PC card assembly, making a high-strength bond in seconds with die-cut bonding film. During manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, protective tape shields LCDs against marring that can interfere with readability. For heatsink attachment, custom-cut products provide an efficient thermal interface with thermally conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTape TypeAdhesiveAvailable Quantity
1700 TEMFLEXTAPE PLASTIC VINYL 3/4" X 60'BLKElectrical-2678 - Immediate
1700 TEMFLEX product page link
9703 (1/2")TAPE CONDUCT ADHESIVE 1/2"X36YDConductive AdhesivePressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)67 - Immediate
9703 (1/2") product page link


Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeShrinkage RatioLengthAvailable Quantity
EPS-200 3/16"BL48"BXHEATSHRINK EPS200 3/16"X4' BLACKTubing, Flexible2 to 14.00' (1.22m)518 - Immediate
EPS-200 3/16"BL48"BX product page link
MFP 1/8" CR 48" BXHEATSHRINK MFP 1/8"X4' CLEARTubing, Semi Rigid2 to 14.00' (1.22m)655 - Immediate
MFP 1/8" CR 48" BX product page link


Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionThickness - OverallWidthAvailable Quantity
AB5050STAPE POLYMER RESIN 210X297MM0.021" (0.55mm)8.26" (210mm)1131 - Immediate
AB5050S product page link
AB-5100 X 8.26"TAPE POLYMER RESIN 210MMX10.1M0.043" (1.1mm)8.26" (210mm)42 - Immediate
AB-5100 X 8.26" product page link

Hook and Loop

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWire/Cable Tie TypeBundle DiameterAvailable Quantity
SJ-3526N (BLACK) 1"HOOK PRESS BACK 1" X 50YD BLACKHook and Loop - Hook StripVariable20 - Immediate
SJ-3526N (BLACK) 1" product page link
SJA7502-1-50-WHITEHOOK WHITE 1" X 50YD X 0.12"Hook and Loop - Hook StripVariable14 - Immediate
SJA7502-1-50-WHITE product page link

Thermal Management

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionShapeOutlineAvailable Quantity
5519 210 MM X 155 MM X 2.0 MMTHERM PAD 5519 210X155MM 2.0MMRectangle210.00mm x 155.00mm126 - Immediate
5519 210 MM X 155 MM X 2.0 MM product page link
5591S 210 MM X 300 MM 0.5 MMTHERM PAD 5591S 210X300MM 0.5MMRectangle210.00mm x 300.00mm53 - Immediate
5591S 210 MM X 300 MM 0.5 MM product page link

Hot Melt & Applicators

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFeaturesFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
3779-TCHOT MELT ADHESIVE 5/8"X2"Adhesive CartridgeHigh TemperatureLeather, Vinyl, Wood2415 - Immediate
3779-TC product page link
POLYGUN-TCW/.090"TIPAPPLICATOR TC HOT MELT 5/8"X2"Glue Gun-TC Adhesives13 - Immediate
POLYGUN-TCW/.090"TIP product page link
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Published: 2014-03-27