Input/Output Interconnect System

3M and Digi-Key introduce IEEE 1394 compatible connectors which come in a variety of sizes and configurations

Image of 3M's Input/Output Interconnect System3M now offers an addition to its family of I/O connectors that conforms to the popular IEEE 1394 - 1995 standard, often used in machine vision and industrial control applications. The IEEE 1394 compatible connector system consists of an assortment of six-pin shielded I/O connectors and accessories. Built around a robust ribbon style contact interface for reliable repetitive plug/unplug applications, the product's contact is capable of carrying either signal or power, allowing designers flexibility in the location of power supplies to peripheral devices.

  • Suitable for use in challenging environments, such as a factory production floor
  • Robust ribbon style contact for reliable, repetitive plugging
  • All boardmount and wiremount connectors feature 360° shielding for excellent EMI protection
  • Contacts can carry signal or power (up to 1A per pin)
  • Vibration resistant
  • Quick release latch system for connection security and ease of use
  • Multiple product configurations for design flexibility
  • Polarized to ensure proper cable insertion
  • Shell kits contain integrated strain relieving cable clamp
  • Wiremount products feature solder termination for quick assembly
  • Wiremount receptacle accommodates up to AWG 18 wire
  • RoHS compliant

InputOutput Interconnect System

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeNumber of ContactsAvailable Quantity
3E106-1230 KV datasheet linkCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 VERTICAL3E106-1230 KVCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 VERTICALFirewire (IEEE 1394)6919 - Immediate
3E106-1230 KV product page link
3E306-3200-008 datasheet linkSHELL KIT FOR IEEE-1394 RCPT3E306-3200-008SHELL KIT FOR IEEE-1394 RCPTFirewire (IEEE 1394) Receptacles 451 - Immediate
3E306-3200-008 product page link
3E106-0220KV datasheet linkCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 R/A HORIZON3E106-0220KVCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 R/A HORIZONFirewire (IEEE 1394)6480 - Immediate
3E106-0220KV product page link
3E106-2230KV datasheet linkCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 R/A UPRIGHT3E106-2230KVCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 R/A UPRIGHTFirewire (IEEE 1394)6564 - Immediate
3E106-2230KV product page link
3E106-2220KV datasheet linkCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 R/A UPRIGHT3E106-2220KVCONN PLUG IEEE 1394 R/A UPRIGHTFirewire (IEEE 1394)6170 - Immediate
3E106-2220KV product page link
3E206-0100KV datasheet linkCONN RECPT IEEE 1394 SOLDER3E206-0100KVCONN RECPT IEEE 1394 SOLDERFirewire (IEEE 1394)603E206-0100KV product page link
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Published: 2013-12-16