Gripping Material GM110 and GM400

The GM110 and GM400 series gripping material is based on 3M's proprietary microreplicated technology

Image of 3M's GM110 and GM400 Gripping Material3M™ GM110 and GM400 Gripping Materials are based on 3M's proprietary microreplicated technology. The GM110 consists of a high-friction surface with a nylon-knit backing that provides stretch in the cross-web directions. It can be attached to other substrates by sewing. The material is ideally suited for applications requiring stretch, such as athletic gloves. 3M's GM400 consists of a high-friction surface with a thin, flexible backing and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive with liner. When used alone on a single surface, the material provides a strong secure grip. When used as a two-part system, such as on a glove and a handlebar grip, strength is maximized. As firmly as 3M gripping material holds, it releases just as easily.

Converting and Application
  • 3M™ Gripping Material GM110 plain back can be shear cut, die-cut, or converted by other applicable methods, and can be sewn to a wide variety of substrates using most commercially available equipment. Excessive thread tension may cause tearing or cutting of the product. Avoid direct contact with heated processing surfaces in excess of 160°F (71°C) for prolonged periods of time
  • 3M™ Gripping Material GM400 with pressure sensitive adhesive can be shear cut, die-cut, or converted by other application methods. When used as a handle wrap, material should be spiral wrapped so edges are aligned next to each other with minimal gaps. The leading and ending edges of the wrap should be secured with end caps or tape designed for that purpose. Minimum tension should be used to avoid stretching and distortion of the product. Avoid direct contact with heated processing surfaces in excess of 160°F (71°C) for prolonged periods of time.

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GM110 and GM400

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2CIRCLE-10-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 2" CIR BLK 10/PK2CIRCLE-10-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 2" CIR BLK 10/PK9 - Immediate
2CIRCLE-10-GM400 product page link
3-6-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 3"X6 YDS BLK3-6-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 3"X6 YDS BLK2 - Immediate
3-6-GM400 product page link
6-6-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 6"X6 YDS BLK6-6-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 6"X6 YDS BLK9 - Immediate
6-6-GM400 product page link
1-6-GM110 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 1"X6 YDS BLK1-6-GM110GRIP MATERIAL 1"X6 YDS BLK2 - Immediate
1-6-GM110 product page link
4SQ-5-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 4" SQ BLK 5/PK4SQ-5-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 4" SQ BLK 5/PK1 - Immediate
4SQ-5-GM400 product page link
3CIRCLE-10-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 3" CIR BLK 10/PK3CIRCLE-10-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 3" CIR BLK 10/PK2 - Immediate
3CIRCLE-10-GM400 product page link
6SQ-5-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 6" SQ BLK 5/PK6SQ-5-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 6" SQ BLK 5/PK1 - Immediate
6SQ-5-GM400 product page link
1-6-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 1"X6 YDS BLK1-6-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 1"X6 YDS BLK4 - Immediate
1-6-GM400 product page link
5-6-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 5"X6 YDS BLK5-6-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 5"X6 YDS BLK1 - Immediate
5-6-GM400 product page link
1SQ-25-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 1" SQ BLK 25/PK1SQ-25-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 1" SQ BLK 25/PK3 - Immediate
1SQ-25-GM400 product page link
1CIRCLE-25-GM110 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 1" CIR BLK 25/PK1CIRCLE-25-GM110GRIP MATERIAL 1" CIR BLK 25/PK2 - Immediate
1CIRCLE-25-GM110 product page link
2SQ-10-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 2" SQ BLK 10/PK2SQ-10-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 2" SQ BLK 10/PK02SQ-10-GM400 product page link
1CIRCLE-25-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 1" CIR BLK 25/PK1CIRCLE-25-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 1" CIR BLK 25/PK01CIRCLE-25-GM400 product page link
3SQ-10-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 3" SQ BLK 10/PK3SQ-10-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 3" SQ BLK 10/PK03SQ-10-GM400 product page link
4CIRCLE-5-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 4" CIR BLK 5/PK4CIRCLE-5-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 4" CIR BLK 5/PK04CIRCLE-5-GM400 product page link
5SQ-5-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 5" SQ BLK 5/PK5SQ-5-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 5" SQ BLK 5/PK05SQ-5-GM400 product page link
5CIRCLE-5-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 5" CIR BLK 5/PK5CIRCLE-5-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 5" CIR BLK 5/PK05CIRCLE-5-GM400 product page link
6CIRCLE-5-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 6" CIR BLK 5/PK6CIRCLE-5-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 6" CIR BLK 5/PK06CIRCLE-5-GM400 product page link
2-6-GM110 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 2"X6 YDS BLK2-6-GM110GRIP MATERIAL 2"X6 YDS BLK02-6-GM110 product page link
2-6-GM400 datasheet linkGRIP MATERIAL 2"X6 YDS BLK2-6-GM400GRIP MATERIAL 2"X6 YDS BLK02-6-GM400 product page link
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Published: 2012-08-21