3M cables offer faster logic speeds and high signal density with longer run lengths

Image of 3M's Cables3M's families of cable and cable assemblies come in a variety of types, including ground plane, shielded jacketed, coaxial, discrete wire, twisted pair, and parallel lay.

The goal of any transmission system is to have the received signal closely approximate to the transmitted signal. Matching the electrical characteristics of the cable to the requirements of the equipment as well as paying attention to the design of shielding and its termination to ensure adequate shielding effectiveness for mandated electro-magnetic compatibility are crucial criteria for selecting the right cable for an application. 3M is a leading brand and a trusted name in cable products.

Tech Tips - Cable Management: How to Prevent the Rat's Nest

There are so many wires and cables in my equipment design that it's becoming an assembly line and after-sales maintenance nightmare. How can I simplify the rat's nest? Cable Management Tips

Cable Types
  • Ground plane
    • Reduced crosstalk
    • Improved signal density
    • Twisted pair alternative (driven balanced)
    • Minimal EMI and ESD protection
  • Shielded jacketed
    • Very effective for reduction of radiated EMI
    • Very effective in minimizing ESD effect
    • Good cross talk reduction (driven balanced or unbalanced)
  • Coaxial (coax)
    • Good noise immunity
    • Usually driven unbalanced
  • Discrete wire
    • Point-to-point wiring
    • Not a transmission line
  • Twisted pair
    • Good magnetic field immunity
    • Good cross talk reduction
    • Better driven balanced than unbalanced
  • Parallel lay
    • Good cross talk reduction (balanced or unbalanced)
    • Twisted pair alternative (unbalanced drive)
    • Cost effective

D-Shaped Centronics

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConfigurationLengthAvailable Quantity
14T26-SZLB-200-0LC datasheet linkCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 2METER14T26-SZLB-200-0LCCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 2METERCentronics 26 pos Male to Male6.56' (2.00m)64 - Immediate
14T26-SZLB-200-0LC product page link
14T26-SZLB-300-0LC datasheet linkCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 3METER14T26-SZLB-300-0LCCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 3METERCentronics 26 pos Male to Male9.84' (3.00m)28 - Immediate
14T26-SZLB-300-0LC product page link
14T26-SZLB-100-0LC datasheet linkCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 1METER14T26-SZLB-100-0LCCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 1METERCentronics 26 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)34 - Immediate
14T26-SZLB-100-0LC product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescription1st Connector2nd ConnectorAvailable Quantity
M7NNK-0906J datasheet linkD-SUB CABLE MML09K/MC10G/MML09KM7NNK-0906JD-SUB CABLE MML09K/MC10G/MML09KPlug, Male PinsPlug, Male Pins0M7NNK-0906J product page link
M7NNK-0910J datasheet linkD-SUB CABLE MML09K/MC10G/MML09KM7NNK-0910JD-SUB CABLE MML09K/MC10G/MML09KPlug, Male PinsPlug, Male Pins0M7NNK-0910J product page link
M7NNK-0906R datasheet linkD-SUB CABLE MML09K/MC10M/MML09KM7NNK-0906RD-SUB CABLE MML09K/MC10M/MML09KPlug, Male PinsPlug, Male Pins0M7NNK-0906R product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable ConnectorsNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
6A22-A0421-003.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 3M6A22-A0421-003.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 3MQSFP+ 4x386 - Immediate
6A22-A0421-003.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-005.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 5M6A22-A0421-005.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 5MQSFP+ 4x3806A22-A0421-005.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-015.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 15M6A22-A0421-015.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 15MQSFP+ 4x3806A22-A0421-015.0-0 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
M1AXA-1036J datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MSC10A/MC10G/XM1AXA-1036JIDC CABLE - MSC10A/MC10G/XSocket to Cable100M1AXA-1036J product page link
M1AXA-1436J datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MSC14A/MC14G/XM1AXA-1436JIDC CABLE - MSC14A/MC14G/XSocket to Cable140M1AXA-1436J product page link
M1AXA-1036R datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MSC10A/MC10M/XM1AXA-1036RIDC CABLE - MSC10A/MC10M/XSocket to Cable100M1AXA-1036R product page link
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Flat Ribbon

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable TypeAvailable Quantity
3365/16 100 datasheet linkCBL RIBN 16COND 0.050 GRAY 100'3365/16 100CBL RIBN 16COND 0.050 GRAY 100'Flat Cable13 - Immediate
3365/16 100 product page link
SL8803/04-10DN5-00 datasheet linkCBL RIBN 4COND SILVER 10'SL8803/04-10DN5-00CBL RIBN 4COND SILVER 10'Flat Twin Axial9 - Immediate
SL8803/04-10DN5-00 product page link
SL8803/04-10DN5-00 datasheet linkCBL RIBN 4COND SILVER 100'SL8803/04-10DN5-00CBL RIBN 4COND SILVER 100'Flat Twin Axial0SL8803/04-10DN5-00 product page link
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Multiple Conductor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable TypeNumber of ConductorsAvailable Quantity
3644B/40 100 datasheet linkCABLE 40 COND 100' SHLD TWST3644B/40 100CABLE 40 COND 100' SHLD TWSTMulti-Pair40 (20 Pair Twisted)18 - Immediate
3644B/40 100 product page link
3600B/100 100SF datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 100COND 28AWG 100'3600B/100 100SFMULTI-PAIR 100COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair100 (50 Pair Twisted)2 - Immediate
3600B/100 100SF product page link
3600B/100 100SF datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 100COND 28AWG 25'3600B/100 100SFMULTI-PAIR 100COND 28AWG 25'Multi-Pair100 (50 Pair Twisted)03600B/100 100SF product page link
Published: 2012-08-07