451 Series Socket Assemblies and 452 Series Board-Mount Headers

3M offers the 451 series ribbon cable socket assemblies and the 452 series shrouded board-mount headers.

Image of 3M's 451 Series Socket Assemblies and 452 Series Board-Mount Headers451 Series:

The Ribbon Cable Wire-Mount Socket Assembly, 451 series from 3M, offers a robust connector in a very small package and with the following options:

  • Fine pitch delivers high connection density in a very small space
  • 30 µ Au and Au flash available plating versions offer multiple mate/unmate cycle option levels at different price points
  • Available friction latch configurations enable increased protection against accidental disconnect when using a box header
  • Optional strain-relief accessory provides additional security to help guard against damage when users pull on a terminated cable

452 Series:

The Shrouded Board-Mount Header, 452 series, is designed to maximize design flexibility while minimizing PCB footprint. They mate to the ribbon cable wire-mount socket assembly, 451 series, and are available in the following configurations:

  • The standard shrouded header is available with or without ejector latches. This innovative assembly method allows the addition of positive latch and ejection functionality with minimal size addition
  • 30 µ Au and Au flash available plating versions offer multiple mate/unmate cycle option levels at different price points
  • Vertical-mount, through-hole and SMT configurations available
  • Right-angle mount, through-hole configuration available
  • Tape-and-reel packaging for SMT version enables use in automated placement applications
  • Lead-free process capable
  • PCB standoffs enable pin-in-paste processing capability


  • Current rating 1.0 A, all lines energized, 30° temp rise per EIA 364-70
  • 1.5 A 6 lines energized, 30° temp rise per EIA 364-70
  • 2.5 A, 1 line energized, 30° temp rise per EIA 364-70
  • Voltage rating 125 VMIN
  • Insulation resistance >1x109? at 500 VDC
  • Withstanding voltage 1250 VACRMS at sea level
  • Operating temperature -65° to 105°C
  • Processing temperature 260°C
  • Lead-free solderable: Yes
  • Moisture sensitivity level MSL1 per J-STD-020
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
45106-000030WIREMOUNT SOCKET .050" 6POSReceptacleFemale Socket260 - Immediate
45108-010030WIREMOUNT SOCKET .050" 8POSReceptacleFemale Socket548 - Immediate
45110-010030WIREMOUNT SOCKET .050" 10POSReceptacleFemale Socket445 - Immediate
45104-000030WIREMOUNT SOCKET .050" 4POSReceptacleFemale Socket24 - Immediate
Strain Relief
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeNumber of PositionsFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
3448-45108STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45108 SOCKETStrain Relief8451 Series573 - Immediate
3448-45104STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45104 SOCKETStrain Relief4451 Series240 - Immediate
3448-45106STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45106 SOCKETStrain Relief6451 Series230 - Immediate
3448-45112STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45112 SOCKETStrain Relief12451 Series228 - Immediate
3448-45120STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45120 SOCKETStrain Relief20451 Series176 - Immediate
3448-45114STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45114 SOCKETStrain Relief14451 Series162 - Immediate
3448-45110STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45110 SOCKETStrain Relief10451 Series120 - Immediate
3448-45130STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45130 SOCKETStrain Relief30451 Series87 - Immediate
3448-45116STRAIN RELIEF FOR 45116 SOCKETStrain Relief16451 Series59 - Immediate
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContact TypeConnector TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
45210-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 10POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded367 - Immediate
45212-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 12POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded649 - Immediate
45214-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 14POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded535 - Immediate
45220-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 20POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded384 - Immediate
45216-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 16POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded136 - Immediate
45216-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 16POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded105 - Immediate
45204-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 4POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded245 - Immediate
45206-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 6POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded202 - Immediate
45212-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 12POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded212 - Immediate
45214-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 14POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded131 - Immediate
45204-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 4POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded123 - Immediate
45206-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 6POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded122 - Immediate
45208-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 8POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded514 - Immediate
45230-600230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 30POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded65 - Immediate
45210-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 10POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded44 - Immediate
45208-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 8POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded75 - Immediate
45220-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 20POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded35 - Immediate
45230-620230BOARDMOUNT HEADER .050" 30POSMale PinHeader, Shrouded44 - Immediate
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Published: 2014-03-14