3600X Cable Series

3M's 3600X cable series comes in shielded and jacketed round wire cables

Image of 3M's 3600X Cable Series3M's 3600X cable series comes in shielded and jacketed wire cable. The cable is round, discrete wire cable that is 28 AWG stranded wire.

Jacketed - Engineers quickly adopted flat ribbon cable and IDC connectors for both internal and external cabling. In many telecommunications and mainframe computer applications, IDC cable assemblies ran for long lengths through ducts or along floors. To protect the primary ribbon cable, 3M introduced a product with a tough, wear-resistant PVC jacket. The primary flat cable inside the jacket could still be zipped and terminated to a range of popular IDC connectors.

Twisted Pair - As electronics spread into every aspect of life, electro-magnetic interference became an issue. To address it, 3M has introduced Twisted Pair Flat Cables. The flat construction allows the cable to still be used with IDC connectors. Twisting two discrete wires together provides good immunity from magnetic fields created by motors, relays, transformers and other devices, and exhibits good cross talk reduction. These cables are also offered in flat or round jackets, and with or without shields.


  • Meets external wiring requirements of National Electrical Code, Article 725 (CL2)
  • 28 AWG stranded wire provides flexibility
  • Twisted pairs reduce crosstalk for balanced drive applications
  • Dual shielding with aluminum film foil and copper braid provides excellent EMI/ESD protection
  • Wires are color coded for easy identification
  • 35 dB average shielding effectiveness
  • RoHS compliant
3600X Series
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable TypeNumber of ConductorsWire GaugeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
MULTI-PAIR 14COND 28AWG 100'3600B/14 100SFMULTI-PAIR 14COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair14 (7 Pair Twisted)28 AWG79 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 20COND 28AWG 100'3600B/20 100SFMULTI-PAIR 20COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair20 (10 Pair Twisted)28 AWG17 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG 100'3600B/24 100SFMULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair24 (12 Pair Twisted)28 AWG6 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 26COND 28AWG 100'3600B/26 100SFMULTI-PAIR 26COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair26 (13 Pair Twisted)28 AWG20 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 36COND 28AWG 100'3600B/36 100SFMULTI-PAIR 36COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair36 (18 Pair Twisted)28 AWG15 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 50COND 28AWG 100'3600B/50 100SFMULTI-PAIR 50COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair50 (25 Pair Twisted)28 AWG8 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 68COND 28AWG 100'3600B/68 100SFMULTI-PAIR 68COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair68 (34 Pair Twisted)28 AWG6 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 80COND 28AWG 100'3600B/80 100SFMULTI-PAIR 80COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair80 (40 Pair Twisted)28 AWG11 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 40COND 28AWG 100'3600B/40 100SFMULTI-PAIR 40COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair40 (20 Pair Twisted)28 AWG20 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 100COND 28AWG 100'3600B/100 100SFMULTI-PAIR 100COND 28AWG 100'Multi-Pair100 (50 Pair Twisted)28 AWG4 - Immediate
MULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG SHLD 5'3600B/24 100SFMULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG SHLD 5'Multi-Pair24 (12 Pair Twisted)28 AWG0
MULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG SHLD 10'3600B/24 100SFMULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG SHLD 10'Multi-Pair24 (12 Pair Twisted)28 AWG0
MULTI-PAIR 14COND 28AWG SHLD 25'3600B/14 100SFMULTI-PAIR 14COND 28AWG SHLD 25'Multi-Pair14 (7 Pair Twisted)28 AWG0
MULTI-PAIR 20COND 28AWG SHLD 25'3600B/20 100SFMULTI-PAIR 20COND 28AWG SHLD 25'Multi-Pair20 (10 Pair Twisted)28 AWG0
MULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG SHLD 25'3600B/24 100SFMULTI-PAIR 24COND 28AWG SHLD 25'Multi-Pair24 (12 Pair Twisted)28 AWG0
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Published: 2012-10-09