Water Contact Indicator Tape

3M's indicator tape quickly shows indication when contacted by water

Image of 3M's Water Contact Indicator Tape3M™ Water Contact Indicator Tape 5557 is a 10.2 mil thick, printable, self-adhesive product that shows area specific, long lasting indication of contact with water. When liquid comes in contact with the product, the color RAPIDLY changes from white to red. This product is designed to withstand heat and humidity aging without giving water indication and it will continue to show indication, even after prolonged submersion in water. The construction is readily die-cuttable, making small custom shapes easy to produce. The adhesive is a high performance acrylic protected by a silicone coated film release liner.

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  • Use as a water contact indicator in handheld or portable electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, pagers, MP3 players, game players, CD players, cordless phones, two-way radios, laptops, digital or film cameras, video cameras, and more
  • Other applications where positive indication of water or aqueous solution contact is desired

5557 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
3M5557-2MM-DISC-100 datasheet link3M 5557 2MM-DISCS 100/PACK3M5557-2MM-DISC-1003M 5557 2MM-DISCS 100/PACK346 - Immediate
3M5557-2MM-DISC-100 product page link
3M5557-5MM-DISC-100 datasheet link3M 5557 5MM-DISCS 100/PACK3M5557-5MM-DISC-1003M 5557 5MM-DISCS 100/PACK176 - Immediate
3M5557-5MM-DISC-100 product page link
3M5557-2MMSQ-100 datasheet link3M 5557 2MM SQUARES 100/PACK3M5557-2MMSQ-1003M 5557 2MM SQUARES 100/PACK100 - Immediate
3M5557-2MMSQ-100 product page link
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5558 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
3M5558-2MMSQ-100 datasheet link3M 5558 2MM SQUARES 100/PACK3M5558-2MMSQ-1003M 5558 2MM SQUARES 100/PACK1486 - Immediate
3M5558-2MMSQ-100 product page link
3M5558-4.5MMSQ-100 datasheet link3M 5558 4.5MM SQUARES 100/PACK3M5558-4.5MMSQ-1003M 5558 4.5MM SQUARES 100/PACK14 - Immediate
3M5558-4.5MMSQ-100 product page link
3M5558-3MM-DISC-100 datasheet link3M 5558 3MM-DISCS 100/PACK3M5558-3MM-DISC-1003M 5558 3MM-DISCS 100/PACK15 - Immediate
3M5558-3MM-DISC-100 product page link
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5559 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
3M5559-3MMSQ-100 datasheet link3M 5559 3MM SQUARES 100/PACK3M5559-3MMSQ-1003M 5559 3MM SQUARES 100/PACK19 - Immediate
3M5559-3MMSQ-100 product page link
3M5559-5MM-DISC-100 datasheet link3M 5559 5MM-DISCS 100/PACK3M5559-5MM-DISC-1003M 5559 5MM-DISCS 100/PACK26 - Immediate
3M5559-5MM-DISC-100 product page link
3M5559-3MM-DISC-100 datasheet link3M 5559 3MM-DISCS 100/PACK3M5559-3MM-DISC-1003M 5559 3MM-DISCS 100/PACK51 - Immediate
3M5559-3MM-DISC-100 product page link
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5559I Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
3M5559I-2MMSQ-100 datasheet link3M 5559I 2MM SQUARES 100/PACK3M5559I-2MMSQ-1003M 5559I 2MM SQUARES 100/PACK3 - Immediate
3M5559I-2MMSQ-100 product page link
3M5559I-2MM-DISC-100 datasheet link3M 5559I 2MM-DISCS 100/PACK3M5559I-2MM-DISC-1003M 5559I 2MM-DISCS 100/PACK3 - Immediate
3M5559I-2MM-DISC-100 product page link
3M5559I-3MMSQ-100 datasheet link3M 5559I 3MM SQUARES 100/PACK3M5559I-3MMSQ-1003M 5559I 3MM SQUARES 100/PACK2 - Immediate
3M5559I-3MMSQ-100 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29