PCIe Twin Axial Cable Assembly

3M's twin axial cable assembly for PCI Express extender card applications

Image of 3M's Twin Axial Cable Assembly3M's twin axial cable assemblies for PCI Express extender card applications, the 8Kxx series, are one-to-one direct extenders, including power and low-speed signals that are part of the PCI Express (PCIe) specification. Cables are available in X16, X8 and X4 standard channel sizes, in male to female configurations. As with other 3M twin axial cable, SL8800 series-based products, these assemblies can be folded to provide unique and specific geometries, maximizing the use of space and reducing obstruction to airflow. These mechanical benefits are provided along with the extremely low loss and excellent signal integrity customers have come to expect from 3M's SL8800 series twin axial cables.


  • PCIe standard interface and capable of carrying 2.0 and 3.0 data
  • High bandwidth, data rates up to 8 Gbps
  • Flexible, bendable cable can be folded to make sharp turns with little or no impact on electrical performance
  • Low profile to facilitate air-flow in restricted server chassis space
  • 85 Ω differential impedance
  • Enterprise computing such as high-performance computing (HPC), servers, and storage
  • Medical imaging such as MRI, CT, and CAT

Cable Assembly

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLengthNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
8KJ1-0727-0250 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY PCIE X4 250MM TWINAX8KJ1-0727-0250CABLE ASSY PCIE X4 250MM TWINAX0.82' (250mm)64352 - Immediate
8KJ1-0727-0250 product page link
8KJ1-0727-0500 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY PCIE X4 500MM TWINAX8KJ1-0727-0500CABLE ASSY PCIE X4 500MM TWINAX1.64' (500.00mm)64342 - Immediate
8KJ1-0727-0500 product page link
8KH2-0723-0250 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY PCIE X8 250MM TWINAX8KH2-0723-0250CABLE ASSY PCIE X8 250MM TWINAX0.82' (250mm)98223 - Immediate
8KH2-0723-0250 product page link
8KC3-0726-0250 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY PCIE X16 250MM TWINAX8KC3-0726-0250CABLE ASSY PCIE X16 250MM TWINAX0.82' (250mm)164415 - Immediate
8KC3-0726-0250 product page link
8KC3-0726-0500 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY PCIE X16 500MM TWINAX8KC3-0726-0500CABLE ASSY PCIE X16 500MM TWINAX1.64' (500.00mm)164326 - Immediate
8KC3-0726-0500 product page link
8KH2-0723-0500 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY PCIE X8 500MM TWINAX8KH2-0723-0500CABLE ASSY PCIE X8 500MM TWINAX1.64' (500.00mm)9839 - Immediate
8KH2-0723-0500 product page link
Published: 2012-10-19