Non-Woven Conductive Fabric Tape

CN-3490 is a non-woven conductive fabric tape from 3M™

Image of 3M's Non-Woven Conductive Fabric Tape3M Fabric Tape CN-3490 is a conductive, non-woven fabric and unique electrically-conductive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

CN-3490 tape is used for applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity from the substrate, through the adhesive, to the conductive backing. Common uses include grounding and EMI shielding equipment, components, and shielded rooms. The unique, thin metallized backing offers the additional benefits of excellent flexibility and conformability, very light weight, and exceptional strength. The conductive backing also helps minimize the possibility of finger lacerations.

Many factors determine the true shielding effectiveness of a shielding tape, including type and thickness of foil adhesive type, intimacy of contact, smoothness of application surface, strength and frequency of the EMI signal.

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  • Color: gray
  • Adhesive: conductive acrylic
  • Type of backing: copper/nickel coated non-woven fabric
  • Total thickness (backing plus adhesive): 2.4 mils (0.06 mm)
  • Liner thickness: 5.8 mils (0.14 mm)
  • Breaking strength: 35 lb/in (16 kgf/25 mm)
  • Adhesion strength: 30 oz/in (800 gf/25 mm)
  • Cu/Ni-plated, conductive non-woven fabric
  • Conductive acrylic adhesive
  • Supplied on a removable liner for easy handling
  • Offered in various slitter roll sizes and die-cuts available

Fabric Tape

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionShapeThickness - OverallWidthAvailable Quantity
SHEET FABRIC 50.8MM SQ 100/PK3M CN3490 2"SQ-100SHEET FABRIC 50.8MM SQ 100/PKDie Cut Square0.00236" (0.06mm)2.00" (50.8mm)3 - Immediate
3M CN3490 2"SQ-100 product page link
TAPE FABRIC 101.6MMX4.6M4-5-CN3490TAPE FABRIC 101.6MMX4.6MTape0.00236" (0.06mm)4" (101.6mm)2 - Immediate
4-5-CN3490 product page link
SHEET FABRIC 25.4X101.6MM 100/PK3M CN3490 1" X 4"-100SHEET FABRIC 25.4X101.6MM 100/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.00236" (0.06mm)1" (25.4mm)3 - Immediate
3M CN3490 1" X 4"-100 product page link
TAPE FABRIC 50.8MM CIRC 100/PK3M CN3490 CIRCLE-2"-100TAPE FABRIC 50.8MM CIRC 100/PKDie Cut Circular0.00236" (0.06mm)2.00" (50.8mm)2 - Immediate
3M CN3490 CIRCLE-2"-100 product page link
TAPE FABRIC 152.4MMX4.6M6-5-CN3490TAPE FABRIC 152.4MMX4.6MTape0.00236" (0.06mm)6.00" (152.40mm) 1/2'3 - Immediate
6-5-CN3490 product page link
TAPE FABRIC 76.2MMX4.6M3-5-CN3490TAPE FABRIC 76.2MMX4.6MTape0.00236" (0.06mm)3" (76.2mm)1 - Immediate
3-5-CN3490 product page link
TAPE FABRIC 19.1MM CIRCULAR 5/PK5-CN3490-3/4TAPE FABRIC 19.1MM CIRCULAR 5/PKDie Cut Circular0.00236" (0.06mm)0.75" (19.1mm)2 - Immediate
5-CN3490-3/4 product page link
SHEET FABRIC 25.4MM SQUARE 5/PK5-CN3490-1SSHEET FABRIC 25.4MM SQUARE 5/PKDie Cut Square0.00236" (0.06mm)1" (25.4mm)4 - Immediate
5-CN3490-1S product page link
SHEET FABRIC 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK5-CN3490-1/2-2RSHEET FABRIC 12.7X50.8MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.00236" (0.06mm)0.5" (12.7mm)2 - Immediate
5-CN3490-1/2-2R product page link
SHEET FABRIC 304.8X304.8MM 6/PK12X12-6-CN3490SHEET FABRIC 304.8X304.8MM 6/PKSheet0.00236" (0.06mm)12.00" (304.80mm) 1'1 - Immediate
12X12-6-CN3490 product page link
Published: 2012-11-30