New Features

BOM/Quote Manager Enhancements


BOM/Quote Cart Connections

The BOM Manager, Quote Manager and Parts List tools have all received a new button "Add to Current Cart". This will allow you to add the BOM, Quote, or List you are currently working on to your active cart. This button will also allow you to add multiple BOMs, Quotes, and Lists to a single cart.

BOM Add to Current Cart

To make this easy we’ve added a new feature to the shopping cart. In addition to the ability to add products to a cart manually, we’ve added direct access to your BOM and Quote lists. As you can see we’ve also moved the "Add Carts" functionality within this new feature.

Label Cart

Once you press "Add BOM" or "Add Quote" you will be navigated to your BOM or Quote list. Click on the BOM or Quote ID that you would like added to your cart. Then press the "Add to Current Cart" button. A quote will be directly added to your cart. A BOM will allow you to enter a number of assemblies on the Salesorder Preview page and will then be added to a cart.

Substitutes for Obsolete Products

If a product has gone Obsolete and we carry a potentially suitable replacement, the "Possible Substitutes" drop will display. Clicking on this will display a list of products that could potentially replace the obsolete product. Pressing the "Add" button will add this new product to the bottom of your list with the same quantity entered for the obsolete product. Pressing the "Replace" button will remove the obsolete product and add the new product to the bottom of your list.

BOM Possible Substitutes

Clicking on the part number links under Possible Substitutes will open a new window with that products detail page. Pressing the "Add to BOM" button on this page will close the window and add that product to the bottom of your BOM.

BOM Snap Back

BOM Additions

The BOM tool will now display a few new pieces of information. The BOM ID will now display next to the BOM name. Every active product will display a Manufacturer Standard Lead Time in the Stock Status column. Finally the total price of a BOM will display at the bottom right of the parts table.

BOM Additions

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