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2014/2015 Call for Papers Schedule Publication Date Submission Deadline
Q4 – Wearable Technology: The wearable technology market is projected to triple by 2018 according to some estimates. Application areas include Healthcare and Medical (blood pressure monitors, hearing aids, etc.), Fitness and Wellness (pedometers, heart rate monitors, etc.), Infotainment (smart glasses, smart watches, etc.), Industrial (hand-worn terminals, heads-up displays, etc.), and Military (smart clothing, hand-worn terminals, etc.). October August 5, 2014
November September 2, 2014
December October 7, 2014
Q1 - Integrating Component Miniaturization into Tomorrow’s Designs: With the burgeoning Internet of Things, the demand for various mobile technologies is expected to grow significantly, causing the electronics industry to figure out how to fit more functionality into smaller spaces. To this end, manufacturers are looking more and more into component miniaturization. Topic areas could include anything that requires parts to be small such as miniature module systems (to reduce the time-to-market), low-power RF, mobile medical devices, wearable technology, wireless sensors, navigation, hand-held terminals, etc. January November 4, 2014
February December 2, 2014
March January 6, 2015
Q2 - TBA April TBA
June TBA
Q3 – TBA July TBA
August TBA
September TBA

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  • Technology being written about must not be more than 2 years old. Note: Articles on older technology may be acceptable, but the article must be written recently.
  • Articles should not contain comparison of Digi-Key suppliers ranking one as better than the other. Such comparisons will be removed from the article/s in question.
  • Keywords and URLs linked in the article should be provided at the top before main body of article.
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  • Opinions within articles should be limited to personal experience when using a product or working on a product. Opinions regarding specific suppliers will be removed from the article(s) in question. Articles should not contain comparisons of Digi-Key suppliers ranking one as better than the other. Such comparisons will be removed from the article(s) in question.
  • Suggested article length is greater than 1500 words.
  • Figures or images should be no larger than 600 pixels wide and 96 dpi.