Power Solutions
Power Management ICs Semiconductor devices designed to control current and voltage in order to extend life of a supply, lower operating costs, reduce energy consumed, and more.

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Power Management ICs

  • Lighting / Display Drivers
  • Converters Specialized
  • Mosfets / Switches
  • Supervisors, Controllers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Laser Drivers
  • Management
  • Motor and Fan Controllers
  • Energy Metering
Lighting / Display Drivers

Semiconductor devices designed as an interface between an LED or display and the rest of the circuit.
Converters Specialized

Semiconductor devices designed to convert signals from one form to another such as RMS (root mean square) signal into DC signal, frequency to voltage, or voltage to frequency.
Mosfets / Switches

Semiconductor devices designed to switch on/off, protect, or interface between power components.
Laser Drivers

Semiconductor devices designed as an interface between a laser and the rest of the circuit, providing the drive signals for the laser.

Semiconductor devices that control current, voltage or power in a circuit based on temperature, or to extend battery life.
Motor and Fan Controllers

Semiconductor devices designed to interface between power signals and a fan or motor.
Energy Metering

Semiconductor devices designed to measure energy and power quality in single-phase or polyphase applications.

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