Web ID / Access ID

Reasons to keep track of your Web and Access IDs:

  • You would like to build an order over time, adding components throughout the day or over an extended period of time. (Uncommitted orders will remain available for 30 days. An order that has not been visited within that 30 day period will be removed.)
  • You can call in and reference your order this way as well as with your customer number or salesorder number.
  • You can retrieve the status of your order including shipping information without a customer number.
  • If something were to happen to your browser or computer, this would allow retrieval of your order.

Note: Digi-Key can store this information for you. Digi-Key offers expanded services and individual order details via the Web through a name/password protected system. Registration is not required to place an online order or use the Web site, but registration offers you the advantage of expanded online services. To register, complete and submit a registration form.

Order Status allows a person to look up the real-time status of all invoiced orders. If a web order has not been submitted yet, you can resume it by entering your Web and Access ID there.

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