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Digi International XS-Z16-CB1R

Supplier: Digi International

Subtitle: XBee® Sensor Battery Powered Temperature and Light
Description: XBee Sensors are compact, battery powered environmental sensors for ZigBee networks. They provide real-time temperature, light and humidity information for a variety of applications including building automation and security, energy management, food management, freight and vehicle monitoring, and...

Category: SensorsMultifunction


DLP Design Inc. DLP-TH1B

Supplier: DLP Design Inc.

Subtitle: Temperature Humidity Sensor
Description: The DLP-TH1 is a USB-based digital temperature and humidity sensor. Software provided with the DLP-TH1 sensor displays temperature, humidity, and dew-point data in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, plots graphically to the screen, and logs to a data file on the hard drive. The software will also send ...

Category: SensorsMultifunction


TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties MS8607

Supplier: TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties

Subtitle: PHT Combination Sensor
Description: The MS8607 is the novel digital combination sensor of MEAS providing 3 environmental physical measurements all in one: pressure, humidity and temperature (PHT). This product is optimal for applications in which key requirements such as ultra-low power consumption, high PHT accuracy and compactnes...

Category: SensorsMultifunction