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xCORE-XA™ Core Module
xCORE™ Analog Evaluation Kit
xCORE™ Analog SliceKIT
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xCORE™ Analog Evaluation Kit

XK-STK-A8DEV Starter Kit


startKIT is a low-cost development board for the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller products from XMOS. It’s easy to use and provides lots of advanced features on a small, extremely low cost platform.

Product Description

xCORE lets you software-configure the interfaces that you need for your system; so with startKIT you can configure the board to your match your exact requirements. Its 500MIPS xCORE multicore microcontroller has eight 32bit logical cores that perform deterministically, making startKIT an ideal platform for functions ranging from robotics and motion control to networking and digital audio.

  • Board Type:Evaluation Platform
  • Contents:Board(s)
  • Core Processor:XCore
  • For Use With/Related Products:XS1-A8
  • Mounting Type:Fixed
  • Platform:startKIT
  • Type:MCU 32-Bit
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XMOS's xCORE™ Analog Evaluation Kit MCU