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Parallax Inc.
Breadboard Set
Twin Industries
Adafruit Industries LLC
50-Pin 0.5mm Pitch FPC Adapter
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Solderless Breadboard with Wire Kit

Twin Industries

Solderless Breadboard featuring 830 Total Tie Points. 1 Terminal Strip (630 Tie Points) and 2 Distribution Strips (100 Tie Points Each)

  • Number of 5-Tie Point Terminals:60 ~ 378
  • Number of Binding Posts:3 ~ 4
  • Number of Distribution Buses:2 ~ 4
  • Number of Terminal Strips:1 ~ 3
  • Number of Tie Points (Total):400 ~ 2390
  • Wire Gauge:22 AWG

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TW-E40-1020TW-E40-1020BREADBOARD 2.13x6.496 SLDLESS Terminal Strip (No Frame)12830RoHS
TW-E40-1020-PTW-E40-1020-PHIGH TEMP BREADBOARD 2.1X6.5"" Terminal Strip (No Frame)12830RoHS
TW-E40-510TW-E40-510BREADBOARD 2.13X3.3 SLDLESS Terminal Strip (No Frame)12400RoHS
TW-E40-510-PTW-E40-510-PHIGH TEMP BREADBOARD 2.1X3.3"" Terminal Strip (No Frame)12400RoHS
TW-E41-1020TW-E41-1020BREADBOARD W/70PC WIRE SET Terminal Strip (No Frame)12830RoHS
TW-E41-102BTW-E41-102BBREADBOARD W/70PC WIRE/GND POST Assembly (On Frame)12830RoHS
TW-E41-1060TW-E41-1060BREADBOARD W/140PC WIRE/GND POSTAssembly (On Frame)342390RoHS

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Twin Industries's TW Solderless Breadboards